A Helix Community
Syfy (ended 2015)
The world of Helix is complex and simple. Complex as there are a few different interweaved stories, simple as the only thing that should matter is whether the world as we know it will survive. But Helix does not make it that simple for us. Week after week we are, as Tim so eloquent describes in his last review, ‘glossing-over-details-and-basic-scientific-facts’. The several protagonists and antagonists (I’m not sure who is who) do not seem to be able to keep up the level of competence they should have. The only character that is still in almost the same shape is in the first episode is.the Arctic Biosystems facility. although it hasn’t fulfilled the expectations from the pilot, it still has some moderately logical developments.

As most of the characters have not been that outstanding in what they’re doing, I have been thinking about the outcome of the series. There are only three episodes left, so some kind of endgame should be visible in the next episode. We don’t want a last minute surprise ending do we? For some reason, I do not really like it when those who act the most stupid or unprofessional the whole period, win in the end. Why should they? So I’m not sure I root for dr. Farragut and his surviving members of the CDC. Should we even count Julia as being one of them? Dr. Farragut might be the only normal and still living human CDC being in the end.

Have you thought about it yourself and what did you think?


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