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Obviously spoilers ahead if you don't like spoilers this is your warning. That said except Helix there is nothing recent I mention.

I always found characters that only lived inside someones head or at least are invincible to everybody else kind of fun and when I watch a movie or TV show a tiny bid of my brain is always on the lookout for signs that something/someone is really there.

(Who would have thought there might be one in Kingdom of Heaven. when you start watching.) I put some recent TV examples down here. I don't think there are any unconfirmed or suspected imaginary characters around on TV at the moment but let me know if there are.

Jay: Is imaginary Jay based on a person Julia knows from her past or is she a total fabrication of her mind?

Battlestar Galactica
Caprica Six/ Baltar: After the destruction of the twelve colonies Caprica six appears to Baltar. She claimed to do the works of the one true god Baltar things he's gone mad over the guilt he feels for the destruction of the colonies and later that he is implanted with a cylon device.

Funny enough Caprica Six has a similar problem with an imaginary Baltar, but is more relaxed about it.

Harvey: After Crichton escaped Scorpius torture chair, things are not over. Scorpio left something in his brain and it's driving him crazy

Wilfred: Sorry only watched two episodes, but it's about a guy who imagines his dog to be a foul mouthed man in a dog suit

Lucifer: Death restores Sam's soul after his resurrection and erects a wall around his memories of his time in hell. The wall crumbles thanks to Castiel and Sams starts to see an imaginary Lucifer who taunts him in believing he is still in hell. To much trauma will do that to you.

Harry: Harry, Dexter's father always on hand to give friendly advice or exposition even though he died years ago

An entire world. (maybe even a second at the end of the final episode): After a car crash Michael lives in alternated worlds, in one world his wife survived and his son died the other his wife died and his son survived. Again in fiction trauma can do strange things to the mind.

Is any of your favorite imaginary characters mentioned or have you got another? Let me know.

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