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Civilization was created out of Black Goo and may well go down because of the black goo.

A long time ago when there was hardly any life on Earth only spectacular waterfalls and dramatic mountains. The race we now call the Engineers in their eternal wisdom dropped one of their own on our planet, turned him in to black goo and so kick-started evolution on our beautiful blue ball.

Many years later some other alien gets stranded on Earth. We're now somewhere during the ice age and the alien even if he puts op a good fight get's his skull bashed in by one of the local primitives. Black goo pours out of his wounds. This might be the first sighting by a human of the Black goo. This prehistoric human gets infected by what later is gonna be referred to as purity and it's up to Skully and Mulder to clean up that particular mess when it resurface in 1998, when a kid falls in a sinkhole and gets infected.

Another case shows up in Kansas also of alien origin only this version of black goo is inorganic, a supercomputer looking for the last surviving Kryptonian to corrupt him and turn him in a vessel for Zod. It fails but is not yet defeated. After several other devastating actions This particular strain of Black goo is finally defeated by the legion of super heroes and taken to the 31st century for reprogramming.

Not all threats from black goo are alien. The Leviathans, accidentally released from Purgatory by the angel Castiel, are supernatural creatures older than angels and demons and very hungry. There main goal for Earth seems to be to turn it in a fast food restaurant with an all you can eat buffet .

This particular threat was quietly dealt with by the Winchester brothers and quickly forgotten as if they never existed.

The current threat of black goo seems to be a virus made by man or at least made by an earth bound human like species. Two hotspots, of this virus, are currently known. One in Puerto Rico and one in the Arctic. The Arctic version (Narvic B) is the most worrisome. It shows signs of intelligence and can take control of the host body. As of yet no cases of Narvic B have been reported outside of the Arctic circle, but the CDC is very worried, is monitoring the situation closely and has it's best team on the case.

Which threat of black goo is keeping you awake at night?
Are there any threats I've missed and has there been any positive black goo outbreaks in human history, that you know of?

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