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Jul 07, 2015
Syfy's Best and Worst Shows Since 2009
It's been six years since SciFi became Syfy, and it has given us some great shows and some total duds.
we're cured!
Apr 30, 2015
Syfy Cancels Helix and All Its WTF-ery
The wacky virus drama has been put out of its misery, which makes us both sad and happy.
there's no cure for nonsense
Apr 11, 2015
Helix Season 2 (and Probably Series) Finale Review: Let's Hope This Show Isn't Immortal
Helix went out as it came in: making very little sense and not giving a damn.
apples to apples
Mar 07, 2015
Helix "Vade in Pace" Review: Here's to the New Breed
Big moves were made at the Abbey, but can we please get back to the Ilaria conspiracy?
guess who's back!
Jan 31, 2015
Helix "Scion" Review: Who's Tripping the Hardest?
We're not any closer to knowing all the answers, but we ARE closer to people losing their friggin' minds.
guys, where are we?
Jan 17, 2015
Helix Season 2 Premiere Review: W-T-Helix?
Syfy's crazy virus thriller returned with a new setting and a new, more boring attitude.
marathon fan
Dec 23, 2014
The Great Midseason TV Cram (2015 Edition): 10 Shows to Catch Up On During the Holiday Hiatus
The TV schedule will be packed again before you know it, so now's the time to prepare for the onslaught by catching up on soon-to-return shows.
fungus zombies are not cool
Nov 29, 2014
HELIX: New trailer; Dazzling cinematography, LOST and The Last of Us feeling, bearded Allan but no Hatake
Helix's premiere of season 2 is approaching and with now one and a half months to go, SyFy releases a satisfying trailer from which we can assume a number of things:

1. Season 2 will look (cinematography mostly but lights, settings, etc included) beautiful, with a cinematographic style that transforms from the unique weirdness of Season 1 to cinematic, dazzling, stylistic thriller that is extremely rare for a TV show.

2. Season 2 seems much more detached from Season 1 than it should be. While we will have the same CDC protagonists with a few additions to the "army", nothing else seems the same. Hiroshi Hatake is nowhere to be seen and his awesomeness is to be stolen from Steven Weber's character while the NARVIK silently kills people in Puerto Rico (?).

3. Season 2 will try again to please the mainstream with zombish vectors possibly inspired by The ...Read more
Oct 26, 2014
HELIX: What am I? (+New Teaser Video + Photos from sets!)
"What am I?" is what the occult leader (portrayed by the talented Steven Weber) asks with the 2nd tease video of Helix... Frankly, this is exactly what Helix should be asking itself...

With a storyline that seems to be detaching from the one we have seen on Season 1 and with the immortals and NARVIK strains posing a total mystery, Helix may as well make a fresh start or mimic The American Horror Story, despite it is confirmed that whatever happens on Season 2 is after Season 1 (day 13 - not to be confused with day 235 where we saw our crazy Julia Walker being the chief executive of the mega-bad ILARIA corporation of France).

While the writers of Helix teased with a tweet about black goo reappearing somewhere in Season 2, we may need more proof that the new storyline will at least have some connection with Season 1 ...Read more
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Helix is an intense thriller about a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak, only to find themselves pulled into a terrifying life-and-death struggle that holds the key to mankind's salvation...or total annihilation.