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  • Fantastic

    It is just the best
  • Helix.. eli.. DNA RNA... not any of that..

    This show was mercifully ended after 2 seasons. I just binge watched it - and had to watch a few episodes more than once to attempt to figure out what it may or may not have meant. Finally, I realized there is no meaning. One thing I can say is that I wanted to watch every single episode and for what it's worth I was able to escape into whatever crazed situations were going on. Though sometimes escape meant just watching the images move around on the screen. The first season was almost alright. Almost. Then it went in every direction possible except for linear and forward. It is pure fiction. It is enjoyable pure fiction and once I stopped trying to make sense out of it I enjoyed it much more. It was definitely a show that needed to just quit trying and simply end. There was no where else to go except forever. And ever. It is definitely a great show to watch - simply because it is done with and what you see is what it is. Lots of potential questions are left - but honestly I didn't care if they were or weren't answered.
  • Clever show ... it was NOT

    "Helix is an intense thriller about a team of scientists from " ... That was true for the first few episodes. It was a creepy dense atmosphere, but as the story unfolded about brothers, ex-wife, fathers, kidnapped twin-brother, spouse, pregnancy who all meet at the most isolated spot on earth it became ***ed. Yeah, I like euphemisms, but only where they are due. Just stopw atching after like the 4th episode and you'll like it, there is no closure to either season 1 or season 2 anyhow.
  • Helxis...

    1st of all

    we must be fair here

    Helix season 1 were good a little bit slow yes but it was good

    nice story great acting and some good old CDC thriller...

    2nd The Fall:

    from season one Finale I felt a great disturbance in the Force

    the finale was horrible so many loose ends

    but once season 2 started the show went from good to ok to pure hell!

    so if you were wondering about Helix and thinking to watch it please don't because you won't feel good about it

    and if you did watched it already just like myself well the good news is SyFy cancelled that awful show once and for all and we finally have satisfaction! :)

  • Another flawed dramatic series (note: spoiler alert)

    I think I watched less than 2 episodes before I gave up on the series. Here's why... 1) After Peter escapes from the lab and infects some (all?) of the 6 scientists the security "team" (I only ever saw one or two at the most) only makes a half-ass effort to locate him and the first 3 of 6 scientists that escaped from their lab. So much for the sense of urgency to contain the outbreak. 2) Even after Dr. Jordan is "rescued" by Dr. Alan Farragut after being taken hostage at knife point by one of the 3 confined scientists no action is taken by Security to monitor them going forward. Dr. Walker then puts herself in the exact same situation as Dr. Jordan, resulting in her being assaulted and knocked out by one of the three scientists who then escape from the lab with no one to stop them. At this point, I knew the series would just end up being one stupid decision being made after another. Typical series that smacks of incompetent actions and decision-making by the characters for the sake of more dramatic storytelling and implausible scenarios. LAME...
  • Helix season 3

    Steven Maeda. In season 2 dared to bring us a new way to make his show, some fans like me loved,

    It's just huge! The only thing we can sayyou're brilliant!. Unfortunalely some fans did not get or catch that, simply they wanted to see season 1 in season 2 so,What is the interest of that ?. Please @Syfy give Helix a third and craszy season, it deserves it, because season 3 is the key.

    So sad and wrong to end it like that.

    Her is a petition to renew helix thanks all to sign it and leave a ... help us to #Savehelix, we need all of you.
  • Not worth the time.

    Just watched S01 E01 and E02.

    The thing comes off a really long B movie -full of random unnecessary drama and convenient incompetence that is absolutely required to move the plot along.
  • what the hell happened to helix?

    Apr 17, 2015

    Holy crap, what have they done to this how. Watching season 2 EP2 (yep, it took me almost a month to find the mood to continue helix) and it sucked more than EP1. Now the writers are trying to make the show like CSI? Even when shows start to disappointment i rarely give up because i just need to know how it all ends but HELIX now sucks so bad i cant continue. I gotta downgrade to 2

    Mar 09, 2015

    if you didnt take the science too seriously season one was pretty good (rating a 6-7 for me), not great but good and entertaining enough to keep me watching when i ran out of episodes of the great shows on TV. However watching just the first EP of season two and it would seem that Helix has already jumped the shark. if EP 2 writing is as bad as this i'm dumping this show. With that new dipshit texas doctor character the acting is just appalling! I'm rating helix a 4-4.5 at best now. blah!
  • Over the first two seasons, riveting and aggravating

    After the first three episodes, I was a big fan of this one. It was stylishly filmed, intriguing, and contained some genuinely creepy/scary moments, making it the closest thing to Fringe I've seen in some time.

    Unfortunately, the series as a whole was never as good as that beginning. There were always problematic choices, such as characters who failed to offer pertinent information for no good reason, or who did dumb things, or who made weirdly uncharacteristic choices. While Season 1 was better than Season 2, in both the season went off the rails towards the end, with endings that were very unsatisfying. Season 1 I would rate a 7.5 overall, season 2 probably deserves a 6.5, so let's give it a 7.
  • If King, Crichton and Cook had a bastard child... And after a promising start you discover that child is Justin Bieber

    First season: Imagine if you've got Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Robin Cook and asked them to create a TV series. As examples, you would give them Burning Zone, Fringe and Cameron's The Thing. If you are really lucky, you might end up with something like Helix.

    Second season: No idea when it started going wrong. As I watch S02E04, I have to wonder what happened to the Helix we used to know. Really close to giving up on the series. When the second season reached its end, all I could ask was "why?". Why bother? The storyline was convoluted, the plot was weak and the characters were a mess. Ok, there were one of two good points in the finale, maybe 5 minutes total, but that was it.

    The main feeling I've got was disappointed. A real shame. The series had so much potential, but the writers just couldn't live up to it.
  • This is worst...

    I watch several first episode, and I see this show is good but I cant bear its sound(song) on the show. Not fit for horror show. It's like some jerk playing around, so irritating... That's why I stop watching this show.
  • Not about to give up...

    When I first started the series it seemed as if there was not much to go on for the show to continue. But then the show surprises you with a mystery plot that gave the show hope and will widen the scope for the rest of the season. As one reviewer on here posted that they watched one episode and placed judgment on the series, really? One show? That is like getting a pizza from one place and saying that all pizza is bad just because you didn't like it from that one place. I still have yet to watch the second season, but after this review I will be starting it. Based on comments I am not sure where this Series is headed just yet, but I hope to find out.

    Over all I think the show had a great mix of suspense and mystery to bring you back to watch another, you just need to get over the hump of the first six or so episodes to find the real plot and what is really going on. Then it is something to be desired. Also, the fun mix of music at the end of the episodes is neat. I am looking forward to the second season for myself.
  • HELp-IX

    The show is totally insane! Yet, episode after episode it manages to deliver lots of laughter to its viewers with its charming flaws and gruesome imagery!
  • One episode was too much

    I have just watched the first episode and I have never watched one episode of a show and felt the need to write a negative review before. But it must be a very special kind of moronic writer who can take what could be a fairly decent story premise and create that load of mindless drivel I just watched. I seriously can't believe it was renewed for a second season. Am definitely not watching another episode
  • wait what?

    So wait, is Kyle Alan's son? Is that what Doreen was saying? And really I thought the show had streamlined to Julia's mission to offer Illaria an alternative but nope.

    And this is terrible, but I am pretty confident in Kyle's survival. First, he is basically going through what Julia and Sarah did last year (and I won't be surprised to find him ending up the same way like he just barely makes it to the tree and I think Sarah likely has her needle). Second, if Peter survived and he is the most reprehensible person then Kyle as the least horrible person has too. And then if he a Farragut then they are kind of like roaches.
  • Helix Cast +

    The cast for helix is great season one was awesome . S2. Has 3 characters I liked the most Sergio , Anna, . This S2. Has been OK some good stuff ... I feel the writing and directing is not the same and the story line jumps around too much in time and the transion from the station uneven. I am hoping for an up swing in the show. This all has me concerned about the show moving on to a S3... I really see potential for it.
  • so how is a seargant refered to as a captain or commander?

    me thinks someone needs to do a little more research before making a Bitchy Sergeant a commander/captain lol
  • Playing with stupidity

    If you like a little science in your science fiction, give this freak show a pass. (Didn't watch season 1, so this addresses episode Supposed to be CDC virus hunters, confronted by what they perceive as an ingested pathogen based, as far as I could tell, solely on the observation that SOME of the victims have growths coming out of their mouths. Only a single survivor so let's take her with us to check out ground zero! Though it is a 20 hour sail from the mainland (under power,) we will be stranded for two weeks with an unknown pathogen so lets not take any protective gear and let's not bother with a protected food and water supply, either! Our wonderfully observant pathogen hunters miss an entire field of hundreds of skulls - on an island a day's ride from anywhere - that only our survivor and the only female scientist notice. Don't notice that a complete animal specimen in a jar completely disintegrates upon impact with the ground though no break in the container is shown. I am already convinced that these writers read too many old issues of Tales from the Crypt during science class and have to be shoved face first into their dinners to realize that dinner is served. Meanwhile, we have two timelines, thirty years apart, to track with no real motivation for wanting to track the future. I might watch episode two simply because the cult has me a little (not too much) curious but if it is as brain dead as San Jose, I doubt I'll linger. From the 'here's last season' recap, season one was a rethink of the Thing mated with a vampire story and season two is going to revisit Dr. Moreau but give him pretend knowledge of genetics. If you want to rethink the classics, at least make it worth the while.
  • Boring with lost potential...

    At the beginning this show had a potential but going further with the story it started to become more boring with every new episode. The last episodes of the first season are being dragged like the writers had no story to tell... From quite interesting at first it evolved into something I will not watch anymore and I think that the second season will be the last.
  • This show makes the CDC look totally inept.

    I wouldn't send this team in to control an outbreak of laughter. I assume they never got a professional adviser. Tihs really is unwatchable.
  • Syfy show - caution

    I loved the show, even with it's technical errors.

    I hope Syfy doesn't do what it always does: cancel the good shows
  • Interesting show

    Innovative in the sense that we do not have "ZOMBIES" in this show but the so called "vectors" seems dull. But mystery and suspense is pretty good and it's kind of an enjoyable watch but I'm not sure that the show will last long. Overall this sci-fi is more of a fiction and very little of science
  • Not perfect but

    this is a really good show, a little too fast paced at times but its pure art to look at and i have to say this is (so far Extant still up in the air) second only to true detective in 2014.. you are really missing out on an awesome series of you don't watch it! warned.. the elevator muzak is a stroke of brilliance!
  • Season 1

    The first season was really great! I loved the atmosphere and the vectors were a really good idea. They are really good at creating mysteries and the cliffhangers are always great. There are some plot holes, but I don't mind them. I can't wait for season 2 and I hope that the show will be as fun!
  • A nice piece of sci-fi

    Helix is quite good. It has the right amount of mistery without pushing the envelope. But what's with the goo????

    My husband came across this show on xbox live for free. We were able to watch the first 2 episodes. We just got the first season from the library. Getting junk food ready.
  • Through out logic and enjoy the show

    As title says, i like the show which is weird because some things doesnt make sense at all.

    Anyway i like it and the end intrigued me so im gonna hop on the season 2 wagon :)
  • A clever title goes here!

    this series is an insult to human intelligence!!!
  • Music

    I like this show, but What's with the music?
  • Love the show already since the beginning!

    Hope it gets renewed! :)
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