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Hell Date

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Most people meet some pretty interesting folks on the path to finding Mr. or Ms. Right, and BET ensures that they'll have at least one memorable experience on their way with this reality show. One unsuspecting male or female subject is paired up with an actor tasked with making that subject's blind date hellishly funny.

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Season 2012 : Episode 704

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  • Ok but a bit fake

    I do enjoy this show a good idea and sometimes funny But it lacks energy and the stuff that makes you laugh at the daters. Like take a look at the show on MTV 'punked' when they come out with the camera's and crew & stuff everybody gose mad and the victims are like o'man it just got punked. On hell date you dont get that. Its just like 'oh what im on hell date? what ever' they just dont care.

    Also i do think this show is a bit fake i mean come on, you get asked to do a tv reality dating show,tell them your turn ons and turn off's, and what do you know the person of your nightmares apears i just dont buy it. I mean wouldnt you suspect somthing when your date just happens to match all your turn offs? i just dont buy it but it still is a good idea.moreless
  • i love it!!!!

    I like hell date because it is just so funny. It is funny how the man or the women get played. It is funny also because that the women or man is act strange and the other person is beinging embarrass. Also they first go a place where they have fun like the mall or something like that. Second they will go home and chamge ther clothes and change into something casual. Then they go on there real date they will go to a reataurant ans set down and eat and talk about there past and stuff like that. That is the thing that go on in hell date.................byemoreless
  • this show is the best dating show out there!

    this show never stops it just gets funnier, it is the best dating show i have watched ever they make it exciting an i love the lil midget devil that makes the show. i just wanna know how the hell daters act like that with a straight face i would b laughing my ass off it is hilarious, i think i have seen every episiode an i hope they keep making more because it is hilarious. the way they act in public is just crazy i wonder if everyone around knows whats going on or not i dont know because its WILD!moreless
  • It's like Blind Date meets Girls Behaving Badly. It's perfect.

    This show, aside from Blind Date is THE best "dating" show ever! It's like Blind Date meets Girls Behaving Badly. I am not sure who came up with this genius idea but whomever it was - absolutely brilliant! Blind Date gets crazy but Hell Date tops it off. I hope that this show sticks around for seasons to come because it's great. In most of the episodes I'm not sure if the spectators ( ex: when some of the dates have instructional/lesson on parts of their dates or the waiters and people around them in the restaurants ... ) are in on it, I'm pretty sure not everyone is but the faces of some of the other people in restaurants and bars are funny. Plus the little person dressed in the devil costume puts the icing on the cake. Alright I'm pretty sure that is 100 words. :)moreless
  • What the heck?

    If this show is any indication why a blind date can be boring, think again. Hell Date takes one person and one who plays the "hell dater," yes, you heard right, on a date. Instead, the hell dater would be more wacky and more funny to spice up the day. Afterwards, some devilish music would play in the background depending upon how well the date would end, and then a small person in a red devil costume would hide somewhere and find where the dater is, hoping that he or she is on the program. I love this program, and it's way funny!moreless

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