Hell Girl

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  • Season 3
    • 4/4/09
      Takasugi wants to send Azusa to hell because she took away Akie's life, the joy of his life. Yuzuki was eager in awaiting Takasugi to pull the string, but Takasugi backed out, saying Azusa would go to hell after she dies anyway.
    • Yuzuki
      Episode 25
      Yuzuki lived happily with her parents, until her father, a bus driver, died in a bus crash due to faulty brakes. The whole town accused the Mikage family of murder and being irresponsible.
    • Mayfly
      Episode 24
      Tsugumi notices that all this time,Yuzuki's life was an illusion.When Yuzuki returns home, she finds her apartment in derelict state and makes a horrifying discovery in the ruins.
    • Twilight Hills
      Episode 23
      Fumio Mizuhara is constantly bullied by Tomohide Matsuda. Tomohide's younger sister has been asking what their father is like. He sees the Hell brand on his chest, signifying that Tomohide must have sent his abusive father to Hell.
    • Flower and Moon
      Episode 22
      When Yuika forces Sumika to take her spot at work after an accident, Sumika begins to thrive in the role, doing the job even better than her sister, even taking her boyfriend.
    • 2/28/09
      Nanami begins to fawn over her daughter and unreasonably punish Kaito for the smallest of infractions. Kaito accesses the Hell Correspondence website, and types his unborn stepsister's name in, receiving Yamawaro as a doll.
    • 2/21/09
      Mizuragi Sh?go accesses the Hell Correspondence website and types Tsugumi's name in. Each sensing the request, Yuzuki, Ai, and Tsugumi make their way towards the mansion. Once they gather, he explains that he yearned to meet Ai.
    • 2/14/09
      Yukina demands that Kaori fulfill her late mother's desire of becoming part of the family by giving her the position of head of the Nakiri school. Tsukio discovers Yukina planning to poison Kaori so as to inherit the land and sell it for a fortune.
    • Special Radio
      Episode 18
      Chiriko has fallen in love with the radio show “Midnight Silence” DJ Joutarou. Haname understands the DJ is just a persona but Chiriko does not and this causes her to react badly and contact the Hell Hotline.
    • Inside the Straw
      Episode 17
      Yuzuki goes to a mansion asking to speak to the elderly woman she saw in her vision, but a much younger woman and her husband answer the door. They claim that there is nobody there who is like that, and Yuzuki leaves seeming quite confused.
    • 1/24/09
      Naowa sends his friend and fellow worker, Nakajima, to hell because of his suspicious and disturbing behavior towards Kaya. When he suddenly disappears, his girlfriend, Yuki, joins their company to investigate.
    • 1/17/09
      Endo asks Usagi to date him inspiring glowers of jealously from her friends. Out of jealousy, her brother Michito forces him to break up with her. The sibling rivalry forces Usagi to contact the Hell Hotline.
    • 1/10/09
      As Tsuzuki and Kashiwagi are walking home someone takes a picture of them and posts it online. Kashiwagi will send the person who uploaded the picture to Hell for giving her a bad reputation.
    • Six Coin Lanterns
      Episode 13
      Azusa Mayama feels that chief of investigation halted investigation on an automotive accident involving her father and a son of the prestigious Tsujinobashi family, reporting it as an accident to prevent the truth from being known.
    • Midsummer Chart
      Episode 12
      Nomura Nobuo is a struggling manga artist who works part-time at a food store beside the pool. Every time someone agitates him, he draws stickers for them and puts them on his calendar chart. The first to reach the girl's breasts will be sent to hell.
    • Blotted Page
      Episode 11
      Kamisaka Rokurou's mystery book, The Skyscraper's Shadow, has gotten publicity because of incidents resembling its plot. One victim's older sister, Michio Yui, meets with Kamisaka and the murderer, Chouchi Hiroto, to see which one of them is to blame.
    • 12/6/08
      A boy named Ichimura Kazuya is a marathon runner. He does the morning rounds of newspaper in order to support his mother’s habit of buying kimonos from a charming salesperson. Kazuya’s hatred for the salesperson drives him to the Hell Hotline.
    • 11/29/08
      At the sign of her continued success, a female student named Nishino apologizes to Inao for previously making fun of her fortune telling and requests she kill a college student who she claims is stalking her every day.
    • Neighbor
      Episode 8
      Yuzuki rescues a lost dog, and a neighbor of the owner, enraged that the bracelet she prizes turns out to be a dog collar also worn by the dog, tries everything in her power to get rid of Hatsumi’s dog – including poisoning it.
    • Liar
      Episode 7
      Inuo’s father left his mother and the two left Tokyo. Inuo lies about the situation at his new school, but confides in a friend, Washizu. Washizu spreads the truth and tries to motivate him to seek help but only motivates Inuo to contact the Hell Hotline.
    • My Teacher
      Episode 6
      A group of students infatuated with Hone Onna compete with one another for her affections. The competition turns ugly, one of the students accesses the Hell Hotline.
    • 11/1/08
      A student's grandmother begins a vendetta against Mio, her teacher, for a supposed slight against her granddaughter Ririka. When Ririka refuses to comes to Mio's defense, Mio access the Hell Hotline.
    • Big Brother
      Episode 4
      When the bullied Yukawa is rescued by the kendo-practitioner Nishida Shin, Nishada becomes Yukawa’s hero. However, he fails to save a man assaulted on a bus, and Yukawa's image of his hero is shattered.
    • Rotten Fruit
      Episode 3
      Aspiring singers at the same talent agency, Jun bullied Masako until she gave up on her dream. After Jun becomes a pop idol, Masako demands that Jun support her own debut as a singer.
    • Bird in a Cage
      Episode 2
      Yuzuki is still disturbed by her encounter with Ai. Meanwhile, a middle-schooler, Akira, has developed a crush on a middle-aged shopkeeper - and a grudge against her abusive husband.
    • Since Ai's death, her companions have gone their separate ways. But Kikuri announces her return, and they gather as faculty and staff at a school.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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