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Hell on Wheels fans, you can now stop holding your breath: The show will be back for a fourth season. AMC gave the order today—nearly six weeks after that hardly-a-finale Season 3 finale—for another round of Western, and it appears that the network is more confident in the series than ever before, because after three 10-episode seasons, Season 4 will be expanded to 13 episodes. And it won't even be split into two halves to drag out the suspense: All of Season 4 will air next summer.

Of course, if I were a cynical person, I'd look at this expanded season order and blame it on the fact that AMC is hurting for quality scripted programming now that Breaking Bad has said goodbye and the network can't stretch out the final season of Mad Men any more than it already has. But that's not me; I see this news as a reward for Hell on Wheels taking a bad situation and making the best of it. The show shifted from Sundays to Saturdays in Season 3, and while most people would write off such a move as a death sentence, Hell on Wheels defied the odds and actually performed better on Saturday nights than its second season did on Sundays. Maybe AMC is trying to appear as if it's not flailing, or maybe the network's execs just really love Hell on Wheels, but either way, the renewal is good news for fans!

Are you excited by this news? Will you be staying in on Saturdays next summer to watch Season 4?

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