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AMC is splitting the tracks on the fourth season of its period drama Hell On Wheels. The network has announced a return date for the next round of the Anson Mount-starring Western, as well as an end date, and another return date. Let me explain!

Hell On Wheels will debut its fourth season on Saturday, August 2 at 9pm. It will run for 10 episodes through October 4, then take a break during AMC's annual FearFest in the scary month of October. And once you've eaten all your Halloween candy and your sugar coma has subsided, you can tune in for three more episodes beginning on Saturday, November 8. Yep, that adds up to a 13-episode fourth season, up from the 10-episode runs of Seasons 1, 2, and 3.

In Season 4, AMC promises that civilization will tame the West via the Iron Horses that so many men spent the first three seasons building, and that pens in the trusty hands of government bureaucrats will replace guns in the steady palms of 'slingers as the show's weapons of choice. Get ready for "conflict between government and big business, ranchers, homesteaders, and the railroad" as "all of those interests compete with one another for control of Cheyenne, Wyoming, the 'Magic City of the Plains' and the most important railroad hub in the country." Hell On Wheels is getting political, y'all! 

Are you ready for more Hell On Wheels? What do you hope to see in Season 4?

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