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Jan 11, 2014
AMC Slaps Premieres Dates On Mad Men, Better Call Saul, Turn, and More
The network has also renewed Talking Dead for Season 5.
more like *no* winter sun!
Dec 06, 2013
AMC Draws the Shades on Low Winter Sun After One Season
That's a fancy way of saying it's been canceled.
because what else have they got?
Nov 14, 2013
AMC Renews Hell On Wheels for Season 4
An expanded, 13-episode season will premiere next summer, just in time to remind you that Breaking Bad will never return.
new beginnings
Oct 06, 2013
Hell on Wheels "Get Behind the Mule" Review: The Last Episode of the Season, But Was It a Finale?
"Get Behind the Mule" worked fine as a standalone episode, but struggled to wrap up the nine episodes that preceded it, opting instead to bet on the future.
Is there a big death coming?
Sep 29, 2013
Hell on Wheels "Fathers and Sins" Review: Not All the Guns in the World
“Fathers & Sins” opened slow, by teasing the kind of boring destiny that could await Cullen once he becomes too mature for reckless shootouts and dangerous business politics, then yanked it all away in a satisfying reminder of past transgressions.
Oh Mickey, You're so... sly?
Sep 22, 2013
Hell on Wheels "It Happened in Boston" Review: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
All in all, it was a relatively bloodless day in the sleepy railroad town of Hell on Wheels, unless your name was [spoiler alert!].
What is the Swede planning?
Sep 15, 2013
Hell on Wheels "Cholera" Review: Rats in the Time of Cholera
"Cholera" tapped into this season's successful trend of simple storylines to present yet another enjoyably focused episode this season.
Sep 08, 2013
Hell on Wheels "One Less Mule" Review: Killer Personality
"One Less Mule" gave Bohannon’s fixation new life, in an episode that started off slow with a revisit to familiar conflict but gained momentum by presenting our hero a path toward atonement.
baby hunt
Sep 01, 2013
Hell on Wheels "Searchers" Review: Holy Hell
The thought-provoking episode showed how people come together in times of distress.
elam + eva 4-ever
Aug 25, 2013
Hell on Wheels "The Game" Review: Fire, Scoops, and Baby-snatching
While "The Game" hinted at the dangers involved with preserving tenderness in a brutal land, much of the hour was dedicated to setting up future conflict.
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The series focuses on former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon, a foreman working on the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad, and his mission to hunt down the Union soldiers responsible for his wife's death.