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"he went looking for you"
2 days ago
Hell on Wheels "Elam Ferguson" Review: Gutted
As much a problem as I had with Elam's return last week, I’m willing to forgive most of my gripes after the solid, emotional "Elam Ferguson."
amnesia? really?
Sep 07, 2014
Hell on Wheels "Bear Man" Review: Talk About a Disappointing Return!
"Bear Man" featured some cool parts, sure, but as a whole it was a tad lopsided for my Hellish tastes.
well hello there, mr. young
Aug 31, 2014
Hell on Wheels "Life's a Mystery" Review: Everyone Must Stand Alone
"Life's a Mystery" picked up right where last week’s momentum-filled "Reckoning" left off, with awesome things like war stories and gunfights and field hangings rounding out one of Season 4’s best hours yet.
"Denizenery ain’t a word"
Aug 24, 2014
Hell on Wheels "Reckoning" Review: An Arrow in the Horse's Ass
I'll tell ya, "Reckoning" was a great damn time.
adulthood kinda sucks, you know?
Aug 17, 2014
Hell on Wheels "Chicken Hill" Review: Dudes and Duties
So Cullen finally moseyed back on into town, but he didn't exactly receive the warmest of welcomes.
come back Already, elam!
Aug 10, 2014
Hell on Wheels "Escape from the Garden" Review: Jury of Your Beers
"Escape from the Garden" gave us a taste of religion, family, and law while revealing how this season’s rivalries will play out.
back on track
Aug 03, 2014
Hell on Wheels Season 4 Premiere Review: Well Howdy There, Folks
Let’s check in with the various inhabitants of Hell on Wheels and see what they’re up to as we steam ahead into Season 4.
back on track
May 29, 2014
Hell On Wheels Has a Season 4 Premiere Date
AMC's rough and gruff Western is being broken up into two parts starting this summer.
mark your calendars!
Jan 11, 2014
AMC Slaps Premieres Dates On Mad Men, Better Call Saul, Turn, and More
The network has also renewed Talking Dead for Season 5.
more like *no* winter sun!
Dec 06, 2013
AMC Draws the Shades on Low Winter Sun After One Season
That's a fancy way of saying it's been canceled.
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