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Are all the TV.com viewers of this show, Blind?!?

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    [1]Aug 23, 2013
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    Are all the viewers of this show, that visit tv.com, including the reviewers, blind as bats?

    I mean no LITERAL offense by this question, especially for the hardcore fans, but did ANYONE notice that Charlie Hunnam was in S01E01?

    Ok, I'll admit there's a SLIGHT chance that NO ONE who watches this show, knows who Charlie Hunnam is.

    Perhaps THIS name rings a bell: JAX TELLER.

    How has no one who has watched this show, recognized, and noted down in episode 1 of this site, That Charlie Hunnam A.K.A. Jax Teller, from Sons of Anarchy, was in this episode?

    From approx (I was watching it on Netflix, and the timing on it is about as precise as trying to shoot down a pin, from orbit, but: 19min 45 secs in, Charlie is blatantly obvious.

    And yet, he's not listed in the cast or GUEST cast, He wasn't mentioned in the recap...

    And, to further the shame, TIME is NOT an issue, either, since:

    Sons of Anarchy S01E01 aired:September 3, 2008
    Hell on Wheels S01E01 aired:November 6, 2011

    All you fans of HoW should be ashamed. I have been through all the posts on this forum, and the info in the ep guide, and yet, no mention.

    You all need to either go back to primary school and learn how to use your eyes, or start watching decent shows and, in fact, movies, from the past decade.

    Hopefully doing one or both of the above, will help you to recognize what GOOD ACTORS have in common with a GOOD SHOW!!!

    Bottom line: EVERY fan of HoW on this forum, is hopeless.

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    [2]Aug 23, 2013
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    TV.com is a contribution-based website. If you haven't submitted the correction or contacted the editor by PM to do so...
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    [4]Sep 3, 2013
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    I don't recall seeing him, he wasn't in the credits and IMDB don't have him listed for it. I don't watch SOA though.
    And I find the fact that the first thing he starred in was filmed 10 miles from where I live in England more mouth opening than a small cameo in another show.
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