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  • You mean to tell me this steaming pile of crap is still on?

    I loved the first two seasons and then it just got brain-dead stupid! The Swede survives a fall from a high rail road trestle and then admits to murdering a Mormon bishop, in front of an entire Mormon congregation, and Brigham Young lets him live!

    Really? What was that three years ago? And this is still on? Wow!
  • BEST show on TV

    I am saddened by the fact that this show is in it's last season. It is intelligent, funny, and so entertaining. I see shows that are so terrible being renewed, and they take shows like this and end them. The only other show that was a little cowboyish, Justified, was canceled too. I can't stand it! Now, about the last weeks funny to see Cullen's face when those bandages came off!!! Loved it. Cannot wait to see what happens to the obviously indestructible Swede! This show is PERFECT!!! In every way....
  • Hell On Wheels

    Best show on TV. Very well done. Never know what's coming next. AMC keep it going, nice job.
  • Noooooooooooooo!

    Not the boy! Who is going to bare witness against the Swede?!!!

    Yesssss. Church Lady!!!! We Love this show.

    This show is as close to perfect as they come! Right up there with Breaking Bad and The Wire in my book! I am more and more wowed every episode I watch. One thing is fact: no show has ever been so unpredictable and bold. Full of action, yet so deep and meaningful thematically. SPOILER ALERT. No show thus far has been brazen enough to kill off the fan favorite character (Elam) right after an episode where it seems like he will make a much anticipated comeback. Although this deeply upset me, I clung to the following episode and realized the killing off of Elam served a much greater purpose. That's how this show has been from the start. True roller coaster ride, and that's what the whole point of a show like this is! Don't let the naysayers fool you! There will never be a western series that accomplishes as much as Hell on Wheels! Now Sydney Snow? Hell yeah! Stone cold killer turned US marshal! True to old school westerns but unique at the same time. Life's a mystery!
  • So Good

    Have a feeling its getting cancelled after this season, the network hasnt given the show its full support, which they should as it is one of the best out there. Colm Meany & Anson Mount are excellent
  • Top Notch

    such a good show

    WOWSER, Best I have seen since Cliint Eastwood ,,,,LOVE this show, to many commercials,,,,,MISS the killed off hint of bringing them about a full hour or two hours of this show,,,WHO DO I Write ABOUT episode amazingly written,,,,MORE,MORE,MORE, LESS COMMERCIALS MORE have a WINNER an no um coming
  • my favorite show

    i love the simple and truthful way of this show love it love it love it
  • New Fan here

    As a historian, I'd known about Hell on Wheels from a discussion on one of my history list-servs. But I hadn't seen any of the episodes until AMC ran their marathon airing of all three seasons last week. I gorged on the first three seasons in only a few days (classes haven't started yet) and watched S.4, Ep. 1 last night. Yowza - this is a great series. Reminds me of Lonesome Dove - remember how one could almost feel the dry dust storms? Same feeling with HOW - I can almost feel the muddy muck of the streets. Fine work, AMC. I want, however, to be on your continuity staff - I saw a few mis-steps. But not many...
  • Great Show

    I have really enjoyed this series. I am horrified to learn that it has been cancelled. I hope it's just a rumor. This is an awesome Series. I love
  • Dreaming of the FIRST wild west.

    The "Wild West" is a great chapter in the history of the US. But, I would love to see a series where the ORIGINAL west was given a similar treatment. The frontier of the 1750's through circa 1825, when Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois were the west. There is a lot of fascinating history to be dramatized, and it doesn't require a lot of "license".

    Think Deer Hunter, and the Last of the Mohicans, et. al.

    Maybe someday.
  • Great return of the Great American Western

    for an era that lasted barely 30 of us Americans cannot get ENOUGH of our Wild West!!!
  • Hardass Show

    Why this show is Hardass material is simple. It shows the hardships of the times and the people who built the railroads. If you throw in a killer back story such as the main star of the show arriving at the camp to seek revenge on the people who killed his family, a cunning and evil builder of the railroad, former slaves working on the railroad all while building through Native American and Mormon land you're going to get a high death count!!
  • Love this Show!!

    I can't wait for the new season to begin. This show has the greatest bunch of characters and you never know what's going to happen next. I just hope it doesn't get cancelled like so many other great show that I fell in love with.
  • a great western thriller

    keeps you o the edge of your seer, with the man playing bohannon one of the most exciting leads to watch on all cable tv
  • Mrs bell

    I fell in love with this show and love the romance between MRS. Lilly Bell and MR. Bohannon was hoping it was going to last through season 3 saddens me and would love to see her come back somehow!!
  • Lily Bell

    I ended up finishing the entire second seasON .Dude, without Dominique McElligott,I'm not watching season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful lady. <3 :))))
  • A well composed plot that makes you hunger for more

    ever since the first episode, the complex story and the multiple conflicts has got me to looking forward towards the next episode over and over again. It's ironic how Bohannon, a Johnny Reb befriends an ex-slave, murders some of the railroads key people, rob trains and become most wanted and in the end, becomes foreman and then head of the railroad. Elam, An ex- slave who was looked down because he's black winds up becoming the enforcer over both races, and is in a relationship with a white woman while turning the tables on racist intruders and mobsters. The Swede and maniacal madman and a mastermind who'll do anything just to bring down Bohannon by laying harm to everyone and everything that means alot to him. This show just comes up with some off the endless combination of plot twists, adventures and inner conflicts with each character.
  • Late comer

    I just discovered this series and am now catching up on the early episodes. This is great. The characters are complex and their moral center wavers a bit, but it is part of being human isn't it? No man is all saint or all sinner except for Thor Gunderson. The show has had its flaws in pacing and a few plot holes and improbabilities, but the acting and writing has been very good for the most part and I am looking forward to future episodes.
  • dates for the seasons

    somewhere it was mentioned that seasons 1 and 2 were set in 1863 and season 3 was set in 1865. how can that be when Eva was very pregnant at the end of season 2 and only gave birth at the beginning of season 3. heck of a long time to be pregnant, so which is it? also, thought Cullen came home after the war was over in season 1 and that was 1865. please, someone, can you clarify? I sure as heck could be wrong. toodles Eva carried a bag in tnto the railroad car and Mr Otoole took it and put it aside before she handed him the baby.
  • Watch those plot holes, screen writers

    The screen writers must all be men--no woman would write Eva sending her baby away with the baby's uncle without so much as a sack of her clothing and diapers and ANY WAY TO FEED HER. If I thought of it, you can be sure millions of other viewers did, too. Very careless.

    Other than that I love the show!
  • Will he take a swing at the church lady next ?

    Favorite thing ? So many but I think the Mormonette against the barn wall with Cullen.

    How'd she get there? How'd the reporterette get there to gawk ? And - poof - it was gone ! Never to be mentioned again ? Naaah....

    Don't miss Lily much. She was becoming super woman towards the end & I tired of it.
  • Just started waching

    New to show but it really looks good. I will be a fan for sure
  • Hooray for Season but too sad of an ending for Season 2

    Thanks to whoever gave us a Southern character with a real southern accent! Hate that you killed off Lily Bell. No fun in that and you cut off a relationship with a real woman that was just beginning. What a loss for all of your viewers!
  • Great Show

    I like it, pretty raw. Did not see the 2nd season ending the way it did.
  • What's that phrase at the end?

    At the end of each episode, there is a "Gayton squared" logo which stands for the producers Joe and Tony Gayton. But, there is a spoken word or phrase that sounds like it was recorded in reverse. Has anyone figured what they're saying?
  • Hell on wheels finale.

    I am a recent viewer of hell on wheels and I have to say it grew on me after a slow start. After the fight between Elam and Cullen, I was hooked!I will save my thoughts on that for later and jump right into the death of Lily. It was so shocking and out of nowhere that its all I can think about since watching it. I am not like the others to say that I will never watch again.

    I actually can't wait for season 3! What will happen next? How has her death affected Cullen? My mind is spinning!

    I don't think Lily is still alive but I will be happy if she is. I understand why she was killed off because I understand the shows central character, Cullen, and how he is tied to the shows real main characher, the railroad.

    In order for Cullen to do what he had to do to get that railroad built he has to be a man alone, with conflict and inner turmoil. He has to be able to follow his own ambitions and make the hard choices. And by seasons end Lily was too much of an influence on him. She wanted civility and compromise in the construction of the railroad and Cullen needs to be ruthless. So the character of Lily would have held him back a little.

    I think everyone should watch the

    Behind the scenes interviews with the cast talking about their characters and the episodes and they will have a better understanding of why they had to kill her and what that means for Cullen and the railroad. And maybe everyone will be as excited about season 3 as I am!
  • I Love the SHOW! I trust the writers. Even if Bohanon dies!

    I can't believe people are complaining this much about the show's finale. Even more annoying are people who said that likes Hell on Wheels and are going to stop watching it! I am noticing these sudden unexpected deaths several writers have been doing, and I am not shocked. That happened recently in so many shows, like Game of Thrones first season's main character and Dexter's wife in Dexter and Opie in Sons of Anarchy, Lost, Rome, and The Wire; deaths only brought more curiosity and fans for these shows, among many other examples! I don't think a long, solid romance between Lily and Bohanon would make the show interesting. She's one of the best actresses of the show and so beautiful. I was in love. I ' ll miss her so, but I admire the writers' audacity at the same time. They were building their romance even in the last episode and she dies in that sad, sad way. Don't you think producers, writers etc know this act could ruin their show?? I'm sure they have a great surprise coming. I'm not a psycho to enjoy people dying, but it is like a movie or an act, with its ups and downs, a genuine drama! I am deeply involved with this show and hoping for a third season! I must say, romance is not the theme plot or genre proposed for this series, harsh and realistic view of the western expansion. There are more proper shows in the romance genre for interested public.
  • No Worries

    The swede is definitely not dead, Lilly I am not sure about. The swede is Bohannon's nemisis for more than I think most have noticed. Remember the photo of the Union soldiers that killed his wife? There was 1 tall soldier that you can't make out, he is all that is left for Bohannon to kill for full revenge. Has he killed Bohannon's 2nd love? Or is she even dead, I liken it to the sculpter character(Jack) in Pillars of the Earth that was strangled and come to a day later in the mass grave not yet covered. She was after all implicated in the book along with Durant, so if she is to continue she must be dead to the investigators. Season 3 will be just as good, remember Clint Eastwood got his start in a similar in "Rawhide" Anson Mount may be the next Clint, he sure has good acting skills for those times in history.
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