Hell on Wheels

Saturday 9:00 PM on AMC Premiered Nov 06, 2011 In Season





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  • Hell on wheels finale.

    I am a recent viewer of hell on wheels and I have to say it grew on me after a slow start. After the fight between Elam and Cullen, I was hooked!I will save my thoughts on that for later and jump right into the death of Lily. It was so shocking and out of nowhere that its all I can think about since watching it. I am not like the others to say that I will never watch again.

    I actually can't wait for season 3! What will happen next? How has her death affected Cullen? My mind is spinning!

    I don't think Lily is still alive but I will be happy if she is. I understand why she was killed off because I understand the shows central character, Cullen, and how he is tied to the shows real main characher, the railroad.

    In order for Cullen to do what he had to do to get that railroad built he has to be a man alone, with conflict and inner turmoil. He has to be able to follow his own ambitions and make the hard choices. And by seasons end Lily was too much of an influence on him. She wanted civility and compromise in the construction of the railroad and Cullen needs to be ruthless. So the character of Lily would have held him back a little.

    I think everyone should watch the

    Behind the scenes interviews with the cast talking about their characters and the episodes and they will have a better understanding of why they had to kill her and what that means for Cullen and the railroad. And maybe everyone will be as excited about season 3 as I am!
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