Season 1 Episode 1

A World Full of Strangers

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2010 on The CW

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  • grrrr


  • dificulties

    i dont know why its not letting me click on it to watch it anyone have a idea?
  • Grown out Disney stars + football groupies = A pretty decent show?

    In general, Hellcats is more than just a show about cheerleading. However its cheerleading front may turn off a good amount of viewers, viewers who might actually enjoy the series. The acting is surprisingly solid, the music is great and the comedy isn't half-bad. Then again the show has its flaws.

    The pilot only scratched the surface of these characters and their relationships, and the drama is still in its prime. Alyson Michalka succeeds in playing the sarcastic yet eager Marti; however I am not a fan of her somewhat cheesy narration. Ashley Tisdale is perfectly fit for her role as the perky Savannah, and I'm interested in seeing the two's growing relationship.

    Matt Barr could find his breakout role in Dan Patch, and I hope to see more of him on the show. Heather Hemmens is good as Alice, but I feel her character, the cliché mean girl, doesn't live up to other fantastic, ironically humorous CW mean girls, such as Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. I'm also expecting some sort of dysfunctional yet building relationship between Marti and her mother. However the love triangle between Vanessa (the cheerleading coach) and the other two alumni is forgettable, much like other adult storylines on teen dramas.

    While the comedy, mostly sarcasm, isn't going to make you laugh out loud, Hellcats tends to have those chuckle-worthy moments. I was glad they ended in a positive cliffhanger, not knowing what would happen during the actual performance with Marti's mom there. Nevertheless stopping directly before what viewers expect to be the big climax was risky. All in all, it's hard to determine if Hellcats will go past the one season-mark or not; it has a lot of room to improve, but it does have potential.
  • Marti Perkins faces her disdain for cheerleaders when she must tryout for the Hellcats, Lancer's University's competitive cheerleading squad, in order to win a scholarship.

    I was a bit skeptical about this show. It could be a little bit not a really new show but in fact I don't really know a show which is about cheerleaders. I was really happy about it because it is quite refreshing and it is in the spirit of the CW. It is true that is another teen show but the pilot is quite interesting and I think I will watch the others episodes to really make my mind about this new show! It was a nice way to start the 2010 / 2011 season. Ok it is not "the pilot of the year" but it is a nice show and I hope it will be working!
  • nothing to write home about

    I really don't know if this will convince me. So far the acting does seem to be mediocre - but it was only the first episode, so I will wait and see.
    In my opinion the story was a little too fast-paced, they should have drawn out Marti's independent storyline a little bit more before throwing her into the cheer pool. That way the whole 'cheer-hater-becomes-cheerleader-JUST-to-stay-in-school' aspect would have been believable. With things how they were in the episode I didn't really buy it... but then perhaps it was really just bad acting because I've seen movies doing a better job at that part of the story and it took them only 20min to bring that character-aspect really and believably to life...
    And then the whole 'I-was-a-gymnast'-bit... that explained her body but not much else about her character... so in the end the whole Marti-character just didn't add up for me...
    I hope that will get better in the episodes to come...
  • 101

    A decent pilot. We've got two very popular leading ladies, and a really good soundtrack. Those two things are probably the only things that might save this show to get picked up. But other than that, I'm not really seeing anything that would be worth picking up an entire season. A show about cheerleaders may sound original, but once they're out of ideas or they lose their angle, this show will just become a drama about romance. The characters are likable, and the choreography is entertaining, but I just can see this show losing it's angle fast.

    The good thing about this pilot, is that it enticed me to stick around for the next episode with the feel good ending this episode had, but I don't think that would be enough. This show could be the definition of guilty pleasure. I'm just not seeing this as a long-running series. It doesn't have the best chances or potential. If you like this show, you better pray this show will be picked up, because it's doubtful considering that other shows that have had better pilots have been canceled. Decent pilot, zero potential.
  • not even good enough for a guilty pleasure.

    the fall shows are coming back, and usually at this time i watch at least the first episode of every BIG new show to give it a chance. hellcats is a disapointment, its not even passable as a guilty pleasure show. so lets get on to the good and bad and great of this pilot.

    the good: not alot good in this show but some elements that might actually make it better if i even continue watching. the character of alice is a cliche but you always need an antagonist to make life miserable. also good was seeing DB woodside(wayne palmer from 24) and the characters of red and lewis who are all pretty much the only good actors in the show. the bad: a load of perkiness and eyerolling moments. marti wows the judges by doing really bad dance moves and at one point marti goes over to one of the other auditioners and does a flip over her back. marti and savannah having an arguement where they just yap louder than the other. savannah writing really lame comments on cheerleaders arms to boost their spirits. a horribly boring robot of a principle with no emotion at all. and probably the dumbest part is i thought after watching the trailer, it looked like marti got on the team cause a cheerleader falls and hurts herself, but no thats not why, the cheerleader is perfectly okay and was basically had no reason at all to have had that scene happen. the great: NOTHING!
    i will probably check out the second episode but it will have to be incredible and include some IQ points this time to keep me interested.
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