Season 1 Episode 1

A World Full of Strangers

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2010 on The CW

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  • Grown out Disney stars + football groupies = A pretty decent show?

    In general, Hellcats is more than just a show about cheerleading. However its cheerleading front may turn off a good amount of viewers, viewers who might actually enjoy the series. The acting is surprisingly solid, the music is great and the comedy isn't half-bad. Then again the show has its flaws.

    The pilot only scratched the surface of these characters and their relationships, and the drama is still in its prime. Alyson Michalka succeeds in playing the sarcastic yet eager Marti; however I am not a fan of her somewhat cheesy narration. Ashley Tisdale is perfectly fit for her role as the perky Savannah, and I'm interested in seeing the two's growing relationship.

    Matt Barr could find his breakout role in Dan Patch, and I hope to see more of him on the show. Heather Hemmens is good as Alice, but I feel her character, the cliché mean girl, doesn't live up to other fantastic, ironically humorous CW mean girls, such as Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. I'm also expecting some sort of dysfunctional yet building relationship between Marti and her mother. However the love triangle between Vanessa (the cheerleading coach) and the other two alumni is forgettable, much like other adult storylines on teen dramas.

    While the comedy, mostly sarcasm, isn't going to make you laugh out loud, Hellcats tends to have those chuckle-worthy moments. I was glad they ended in a positive cliffhanger, not knowing what would happen during the actual performance with Marti's mom there. Nevertheless stopping directly before what viewers expect to be the big climax was risky. All in all, it's hard to determine if Hellcats will go past the one season-mark or not; it has a lot of room to improve, but it does have potential.