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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • I'm Sick Y'all
      I'm Sick Y'all
      Episode 22
      Strep throat hits Lancer, and the Hellcats find themselves a few members short as they prepare for Nationals, leaving the squad dangerously close to being disqualified. After the surprising discovery that they are half-sisters, Marti and Deidre hit some major road bumps in their relationship.
    • Land of 1,000 Dances
      Lewis enters a dance contest with Kathy as his partner, hoping to win a new car for his father. Things get interesting when Alice signs up for the competition as well. Savannah struggles to help her family deal with a major crisis.
    • Warped Sister
      Episode 20
      As Julian helps Marti learn more about her family's secrets, Marti's relationship with Deirdre, a mysterious record store employee, becomes stronger. Savannah and Nasty Kathy disagree as they plan Charlotte's baby shower. Savannah finds herself in a troubling situation at school, leaving her with no other option than to go to her parents for help.moreless
    • Before I Was Caught
      Marti talks Julian into letting her represent a Lancer student at Honor Court, but she quickly discovers that the case is even more personal than she first thought. Vanessa and Red are surprised to learn that someone has hired Red's ex-wife, Emily, to dig up dirt on Lancer's athletic programs and staff.moreless
    • Woke Up Dead
      Woke Up Dead
      Episode 18
      Marti visits the store where her father's guitar picks came from and meets a girl who helps Marti discover a new piece of information about her father. Dan films a zombie horror movie for his Lancer film school application, using the Hellcats as actors in the movie. As the submission date approaches, Dan starts to doubt the qualify of his film, so Savannah tries to help the situation. Alice works with a school reporter to expose a student cheating scandal.moreless
    • Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep)
      Savannah is shocked when Charlotte finally reveals the identity of her baby's father. Marti confronts her mother, trying to learn more about her father. The Hellcats learn that Memphis Christian is using the same song as the Hellcats for their routine at nationals.
    • Fancy Dan
      Fancy Dan
      Episode 16
      Because of their uncomfortable past, Marti and Savannah are nervous about seeing Dan at Jimmy's wedding. They are surpised, however, when they see Dan with a new girlfriend. Derrick and Vanessa face the most difficult decision of their relationship, and Alice goes to see Jake in jail.
    • God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away
      Alice and Savannah throw a toga party, hoping the fun will will take their minds off the fact that the Hellcats could lose their funding. Marti, Vanessa, and Julian devise a plan that could get Travis released from jail and save the Hellcats.
    • Remember When
      Remember When
      Episode 14
      The Hellcats kidnap Marti as her initiation into the group and reminisce about how Alice, Savannah, Lewis, and Vanessa became Hellcats. After the party, Marti realizes that her involvement in Travis's legal case could put her friends in harm's way and potentially cause Bill Marsh to disband the Hellcats entirely.
    • Worried Baby Blues
      Worried Baby Blues
      Episode 13
      To help raise money for sectionals, the Hellcats shoot a sexy calendar and throw a launch party with the band 3OH!3. Wanda talks Savannah into telling her mother, Layne, that Charlotte is pregnant, but the plan backfires when Layne accuses Savannah of being a bad influence. Marti breaks into Bill Marsh's office in search of evidence that could clear Travis' name, but she's shocked to find that Alice also broke into the office for different reasons. Vanessa wonders if she still has feelings for Red.moreless
    • Papa, Oh Papa
      Papa, Oh Papa
      Episode 12
      Marti faces a tense bus ride to sectionals after admitting to the Hellcats that she hooked up with Dan. Alice receives a surprise visit from her father, who shows up to watch her perform at sectionals. Alice tells Lewis that she never told her father that they broke up or that she was replaced as a flier. To keep her father from learning the truth, Alice blackmails Savannah into giving up her spot as a flier by threatening to tell the Hellcats that Savannah helped Memphis Christian earn a free ride to sectionals.moreless
    • Think Twice Before You Go
      After the incident in the car, Dan issues an ultimatum to Marti, demanding that she admit she has feelings for him or their friendship is over. Marti drags Savannah to a barbecue to try to cheer her up, but Savannah drinks too much and flirts with the DJ, which later puts her in an uncomfortable position. Eventually, Marti decides to tell Savannah about what had happened between her and Dan.moreless
    • Pledging My Love
      Pledging My Love
      Episode 10
      Julian discovers Morgan and Marti are investigating Travis's case behind his back and cuts them from the team. Dan, still conflicted about his feelings for Marti, makes a harsh decision concerning Savannah. Derrick enlists the Hellcats to help him choreograph a dance after he decides to propose to Vanessa. Meanwhile, a compromising picture of Alice is sent around the school. Lewis helps Alice track down the culprit, who becomes Alice's target for revenge.moreless
    • Finish What We Started
      Savannah, upset with Marti for keeping a secret about Dan, decides to spend a few days at home to calm down and reconnect with her family. Meanwhile, Marti tries to sort out her feelings for Dan and Lewis and focuses on Travis' case to keep her mind off the situation. Vanessa turns to Red for help after Bill Marsh takes away the Hellcats' gym.moreless
    • Back of a Car
      Back of a Car
      Episode 8
      The Hellcats organize an 80s party to celebrate their anniversary party, complete with costumes and a musical number from Vanessa. Savannah decides she's ready to spend the night with Dan and makes plans for a romantic evening, but things don't work out as she had hoped. Meanwhile, Alice usurps a PR story that was supposed to focus on the Lancer football team and turns it into a story about the Hellcats, which upsets Jake. Marti has some concerns when she learns that Savannah wants to take her relationship with Dan to the next level.moreless
    • The Match Game
      The Match Game
      Episode 7
      The Hellcats hold a date auction to raise money for their trip to Nationals. However, things don't go as planned when Savannah's ex-boyfriend Noah shows up and outbids Dan, Morgan wins a date with a horrified Marti, and Vanessa receives a bid from a mystery man whom she suspects is Red trying to win her back. Vanessa struggles to decide whether she should tell Derrick about the date, especially because the money will cover the entire expense of the trip to Nationals. Meanwhile, Lewis continues to keep a secret from the team.moreless
    • Ragged Old Flag
      Ragged Old Flag
      Episode 6
      The Hellcats accept a challenge to take on the girls' volleyball team in a flag-football game. Lewis coaches the team and impresses Red Raymond with his strategy. Marti fakes an illness so she can miss the game and attend a conference with Julian. Alice and Savannah's rivalry grows when Alice wants the Hellcats to cheat but Savannah refuses.moreless
    • The Prisoner's Song
      Savannah jeopardizes her position as captain when she upsets Alice. With Alice strongly opposed, Savannah convinces the team to let Dan direct their bid video and must deal with the consequences when things don't go as planned. Marti investigates more into her law professor Julian's case, while Red's confrontation with Derrick causes a fight.moreless
    • Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
      Lewis asks Marti out on a date, but she turns him down. Later, Alice and Lewis share a sweaty workout session after she convinces him she will stop taking drugs if he helps her get back in shape as a flier. Savannah takes Dan to meet her parents at their house for dinner, where a demand from Savannah's mother leads to an argument.moreless
    • Beale St. After Dark
      Since Savannah is nervous about her first date with Dan, Marti and Lewis join up with the rest of the Hellcats on a messy group date. Hoping to join her professor's legal team, Marti tries to impress Julian, but he doubts that she can balance cheerleading with her studies. Alice starts using painkiller drugs to get medically approved to rejoin the squad, while Coach Vanessa wants to tell Derrick about her history with Coach Red.moreless
    • I Say A Little Prayer
      Marti is horrified when she sees her mother in the audience at qualifiers and promptly banishes her from the stadium. Savannah's sister, Charlotte, falls and injuries herself while competing for the Hellcats' rival Memphis Christian College squad. Savannah struggles with the decision to stay and compete with the Hellcats or join her sister at the hospital. Savannah reveals to Marti that her parents cut off communication with her when she decided to transfer from Memphis Christian to the secular Lancer University, which causes Marti to reconsider alllowing her mother attend qualifiers. Meanwhile, Lewis confronts Alice, upset that she may be jeopardizing their scholarships, and Dan starts to take an interest in Savannah.moreless
    • A World Full of Strangers
      Marti Perkins faces her disdain for cheerleaders when she must tryout for the Hellcats, Lancer's University's competitive cheerleading squad, in order to win a scholarship. After a shaky start, she finds herself at the mercy of judges and captains Alice Verdura, the injured girl resentful of being replaced, and Savannah Monroe, whom Marti previously ridiculed. Marti's dream comes with the price of surviving Cheertown, the team's living quarters, and fierce competition from without and within the squad.moreless