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How would you have ended the series?

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    [1]May 17, 2011
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    It's pretty obvious that the writers of Hellcats did not see the show ending at the end of this season. The last episode was a downer. But here is some notes on how I would have changed it:

    1. No storyline about the creep head of the sport's division or that bi*ch of a blonde lawyer. Just cut them out completely and I would have been thrilled.

    2. A little bit of Wanda. I miss not seeing her at the very end

    3. There would have been a competition. This was a major flaw to begin with anyway. The whole season was aiming toward this and they let us down. The Lewis getting trapped was fine to add suspense, but not to have the Hellcats in it at all??? Bad.

    So that was a little bit I would changed...how about you?

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    [2]May 18, 2011
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    What I would have changed? Well, honestly just one thing: to NOT end the series after this season!!!

    At least they could have made a final episode with some sort of conclusion! I hate when networks do that, makes me not want to start watching any new series and get excited about it, because I have to be afraid they get pulled anyway!

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    [3]May 22, 2011
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    I dont know about anyone else but the last few episodes were annoying, like baywatch and beverley hills 90210 they had the token 2 songs per episode taking up so much time that I guess they had to write less. This is not a formula that works anymore, yes in the early 90's it did.
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    [4]May 27, 2011
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    This is what would have happened in season 2. Dierdre would have explained to Marti that she kept Rex's number on her phone, but didn't tell Marti. Then Rex would appear to both of the girls saying that he left because he was scared that he wasn't a good father and he told both Dierdre and Marti that as sisters, they must stick together, no matter what. Rex is then reunited with Wanda and they are now on good terms once again.

    Savannah and Charlotte each get jobs at the Lancer Pub to help support their family, including the baby. Noah would have appeared again and he and Charlotte would have raised their baby together as parents, but not as a couple. Mr. Monroe would also return to face his legal trouble, which begins a trial. Thanks to the help of Marti and Julian, Mr. Monroe is sentenced to 30 days under house arrest.

    When Red finds out that Emily fired Vanessa from her position as Hellcats coach, he confronts Emily and quits his job as football coach and the cheerleading and football coaches at Memp-Kris each take their jobs as Red and Vanessa take theirs. Red and Vanessa also become engaged.

    With Alice as the new Hellcats captain, she leads the Hellcats to their next appearance at Nationals and they eventually win. She also becomes engaged to Lewis.

    Dan eventually starts taking directing classes at Lancer and becomes engaged to Savannah, after accepting that he and Marti will always be just friends, he also becomes a Hellcat.

    Marti and Julian also officially become a couple.

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    [6]May 29, 2011
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    Take out the scene about Vanessa getting fired and the plot about Deidre not telling Marti the truth about their dad... The show would have ended on a good note. But to be honest, I'm not going to miss this show all that much anyway.

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    [8]Dec 29, 2015
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    Honestly I would have Alice with Lewis and savannah and Dan stay true to each other. Honestly I wanted the fight between Marti and savannah to end.
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