Season 1 Episode 2

I Say A Little Prayer

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2010 on The CW
I Say A Little Prayer
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Marti is horrified when she sees her mother in the audience at qualifiers and promptly banishes her from the stadium. Savannah's sister, Charlotte, falls and injuries herself while competing for the Hellcats' rival Memphis Christian College squad. Savannah struggles with the decision to stay and compete with the Hellcats or join her sister at the hospital. Savannah reveals to Marti that her parents cut off communication with her when she decided to transfer from Memphis Christian to the secular Lancer University, which causes Marti to reconsider alllowing her mother attend qualifiers. Meanwhile, Lewis confronts Alice, upset that she may be jeopardizing their scholarships, and Dan starts to take an interest in Savannah.moreless

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  • ani777

    Bien excelente.
  • Didn't care much for the first episode but after this one I think this will be a pretty good show.

    This was a good episode filled with lots of twists and turns. I never expected that Savannah would have gone to a different school. It was also a nice little twist to have Charlotte turn out to be her sister. I really like Marti. She's a cool, punk-rock, cheerleader like Peyton Sawyer and love it. I also like her relationship with Dan. It's a lot like the Lucas/Peyton friendship during seasons 3 and 4 of One Tree Hill before they finally got together. It's great how Marti takes care of her mom, but I really hope her mom can get it together. Marti's the kid, she shouldn't have to be taking care of her mother. And Lewis, wow! It's so weird seeing Robbie Jones outside of his role as Quentin Fields. He went from playing a rough around the edges basketball star to a cheerleader. But I love him anyway. He's a great actor.

    I am liking Hellcats so far and I hope I continue to like it.moreless
  • There's only so much storyline you can produce with cheerleaders' mommy issues...

    Not to say this episode wasn't solid; in fact, in my opinion it was better than the pilot. Finally Hellcats showed the missing climax from last episode, qualifiers, as the climax for this episode, but this time with more build up and weight.

    I'm hoping Marti's mom troubles are resolved for at least a while; I wouldn't like to see Marti's main story for most of the episodes of this season revolve around their troublesome relationship. On the other hand, Savannah's storyline is one I would like to see fleshed out in time; her vulnerable side is the most interesting we have seen so far, and her family troubles can generate sympathy.

    In addition, I am liking the relationship between Alice and Louis. However Alice needs to come up with better evil plans if she wants the reputation as the show's villainess. She once again tried to sabotage Marti's scholarship using Marti's mother, a plot already used in the pilot. Meanwhile I enjoy the character of Dan Patch, and his presence brings a nice contrast from the peppy cheer for the rest of the cast. I look forward to seeing how Dan and Savannah grow, but the show cannot forget the hinted hidden feelings Dan had/has for Marti.

    Once again, the cheerleading front is definitely going to turn off a lot of viewers. However there is enough other existing storyline that stops the show from revolving around cheerleading 100%. All in all, this episode proved to be a solid one-it never felt like it was dragging, and the story remained quick throughout.moreless
  • A little bit better than the pilot but still not good enough

    I now am convinced, that it isn't Marti's character that is unbelievable but Alyson Michalka just can't really bring her across for me. It seems to me that she tries to imitate Peyton from One Tree Hill but fails miserably... her acting just doesn't convince me at all!

    Marti's dialogue seems mostly forced - especially between her and Dan - I think they have no friend-chemistry at all!

    The writing of this show in general is far from great. For example the pep speech in the beginning of the episode. I have heard a lot of pep speeches in all kind of shows and movies (I watch a lot of sport themed shows and movies) and never did one of them make me want to turn my TV off - until now. Yes I thought it was that bad - not inspiring just cheesy.

    Besides Marti who - if better portrayed - would be totally my thing, this episode was a little bit better than the first. We got to know a little bit more about Savannah and as far as I'm concerned she is the most interesting character on that show for now.

    If the next episode is not far better than this one I will definitely stop watching because my time can be better wasted elsewhere.moreless
  • 102

    I must say, it was better, and definitely worth sticking around for the second episode. They really should have put the pilot and this episode together airing on the same night, it probably would have intrigued a lot more people. Although I still don't think this show has a chance in getting renewed, it's become my guilty pleasure, and it's really entertaining. I wouldn't be crying if this show got canceled, but if it did stick around, I wouldn't mind either. This episode was pretty great, focused more on mother issues. For some reason, I can't get myself to like Marti at all. Every single time she pushed her mom out of her life, I really wasn't able to see her reasoning in all of it. I haven't seen any chemistry within any of the possible relationships. Although this show continues to have great choreography, which is wildly entertaining. Savannah is the only likable character, she's original, unlike the rest of the cast. Good episode, saw more potential than I did in the pilot.moreless
Elena Esovolova

Elena Esovolova

Patty Wedgerman

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Anousha Alamain

Anousha Alamain

Mr. Aziki

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Crystal Balint

Crystal Balint

Security Guard

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Emma Lahana

Emma Lahana

Charlotte Monroe

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Teryl Rothery

Teryl Rothery

Elaine Monroe

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Jeffrey Hephner

Jeffrey Hephner

Red Raymond

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    • (Marti grabs wine and pulls it away from Wanda)
      Wanda: Oh, will you look at this? Oh, do you see that? My daughter thinks I can't handle my liquor. Am I a grown woman or not?

    • Vanessa: Gather up, Hellcats! Do you feel it? Do you feel the weight? Today, one squad will qualify for regionals. No one in their right mind thinks it's gonna be us. The university, they've given us an ultimatum - place at nationals, or they will gut our program. Are you feeling the weight? Well I'm not. I'm light as a feather. Because you are champions of the spirit. You ignore the scoreboard! Long odds are irrelevant. In the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity, you do not waver. You roll, you tumble, you fly.

    • Wanda: (sees Marti at qualifiers) Well, Marti Beth Perkins, what a surprise to see you here. My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.
      Marti: Mom -
      Wanda: Did you really think I wouldn't find out? I am Facebook friends with half your squad!
      Marti: Oh my God! Who are you?

    • Wanda: I love you, and I am so proud of you, and Marti, Marti! I wouldn't miss one of your events for the whole wide world. (licks her finger and rubs Marti's face) Look at that eyeliner. You look like a truck stop tranny.

    • Marti: Who are those guys?
      Vanessa: Memphis Christian. The team to beat.
      Marti: Not much for showing the skin, are they?
      Vanessa: Well, Mem-Chris is a religious school. Jesus is the wind beneath their skirts.

    • (talking about Wanda)
      Marti: I really bit her head off.
      Dan: You need help hiding the body?
      Marti: Nah, she regenerates.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Featured Music:
      "Boomin'" by tobyMac
      "Breakthrough" by Gustav
      "Can You Hear Me" by Brokedown Cadillac
      "Catch Me If You Can" by Burnham Brothers
      "Dreamin'" by Nikki & Rich
      "Gotta Keep Smilin'" by Scouting For Girls
      "Last Year" by Exsonvaldes
      "My First Kiss" by 3OH!3
      "The Common Touch" by Ninja Gun
      "Til You're Mine" by Moonlight Crush
      "Unsaid" by Arden Kaywin
      "Way Too Much" by David Alphonso
      "Yeah Yeah" by Leslie Hunt

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 on A
      Philippines: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 on ETC
      United Kingdom: Thursday, March 17, 2011 on MTV
      Norway: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 on FEM
      Slovakia: Sunday, March 4, 2012 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: Saturday, October 27, 2012 on TV Nova

    • The second and subsequent episodes in the series began filming on July 24, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada.