Season 1 Episode 22

I'm Sick Y'all

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 17, 2011 on The CW

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  • My own kind of closure

    If anybody wants to see my own kind of closure, go to the forums page under the title "How would you have Ended the series". I think my closure is pretty good closure and I included it because I didn't like the way Hellcats ended and I'm sure you didn't like the way it ended either. I may post more closure in the future, so check out ayyyy1 for more closure for shows that ended on cliffhangers. I hope you enjoy my closures because I believe that producers should put in some kind of closure, just in case of cancellation.
  • Series finale.

    Hellcats was canceled a couple days before it's finale and I have to say, I'm pretty upset over this news. Despite what everyone said about this show, this was a good show. It was original, had a great mix of the real world of cheerleading, college life, actual law cases. Yes it's a mixed bag, but it worked.

    This show had an incredibly shaky start but after 14 episodes, I was completely enthralled in all the characters (at least that's how it was for me). We actually got story line with substance surprisingly, and it just worked perfectly with the other aspect of the show.

    Not going to deny, some story lines were cliche, but some story lines really stood out. I'm sad too see this show go especially with a finale as great as this one. The last scene was heartbreaking especially when you know there wont be a season 2 premiere in the fall. Oh well, I will always remember this show fondly.
  • What a sad way to end a series.

    When I look at this series finale, ok..let's be serious this was a season finale that ended up being a series finale. There was so many aspects of this show that I detested only because it was the final one, so lets go with that.

    1) No Wanda! Unless I missed her I didn't see her at all. She was such an important part of this show and not having her anywhere stunk.

    2) The head of sports and that evil lawyer I hated. They could have kept them away for all I cared. And what was with him anyway? That brat basically goofed the college out of a championship and he just shrugged it off. Why did the school hire him if that was going to be his attitude.

    3) No competition...at all. Ok, the whole Lewis getting trapped angle was good for suspense but not competing at all?? The writers dropped the bomb here. The whole season was aiming toward this.

    In the end I loved the show and can see where the writers were going for next season. But as a series finale, it made me mad. I will however give my rating based on the show and not as the finale.
  • One of the few good finales this year.

    Finales shouldn't surround births, weddings or funeral. These are story devices not end games. Hellcats knows this and even those who can never take cheerleading serious have to admit that this finale knocked it out of the gate. On the backdrop of nationals a fever breaks out in the team. Of course every story line of the season comes to a head and several characters are in danger of missing the competition.
    All of this is wouldn't be very interesting if this was all the finale had to offer. Luckily, there's more. Besides the race to make nationals, the episode throws curveball after curveball to keep the viewers on its toes. Meanwhile the drama heights up as Savannah's sister is giving birth, the coach's position is put in question and Marty and her sister are working on their relationship. The latter is actually the episode's highlight as the struggle for the two strangers is as hard on them as it is to watch for the viewer. But in the end they grow closer and even though the team defies all odds and gets de-qualified for nationals the episode seems to end on a happy note. At least until Mika predicts there is no such thing.
    The ending was unexpected but strong. I love sudden bomb drops and these worked fine. It proves Hellcats is a very underestimated show and with being one of the few shows to take the risk of open endings it's hardly deserving that especially this show got canned.
    Taking chances doesn't get paid off but it makes for darn good television.
  • Encore, encore!

    Of my favourite show? Seriously? I had high hopes for Hellcats. This episode was great. If this were a theater, I'd be shouting "Encore!". A lot happened in 40 minutes. Loads of twists, turns and suspense(in a good way). It was sad not to see a few characters from the cast list. Julian, especially. He would've been great if he had just been an audience during Nationals at least. Happy ending, is it? Not quite. It was frustrating to see how it ended, as it leaves you yearning for more. There's the question, "What happens next??". I bet, this would be frustrating to those who didn't know this was the series finale. I swear, I would cry. I prepared early before watching this episode, knowing that it's the last one. I tell myself that no matter what, this, THIS had been a great show. My great 2010 ending and my epic 2011 beginning. Hellcats, move to the left, move to the right!