Season 1 Episode 22

I'm Sick Y'all

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 17, 2011 on The CW

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  • One of the few good finales this year.

    Finales shouldn't surround births, weddings or funeral. These are story devices not end games. Hellcats knows this and even those who can never take cheerleading serious have to admit that this finale knocked it out of the gate. On the backdrop of nationals a fever breaks out in the team. Of course every story line of the season comes to a head and several characters are in danger of missing the competition.
    All of this is wouldn't be very interesting if this was all the finale had to offer. Luckily, there's more. Besides the race to make nationals, the episode throws curveball after curveball to keep the viewers on its toes. Meanwhile the drama heights up as Savannah's sister is giving birth, the coach's position is put in question and Marty and her sister are working on their relationship. The latter is actually the episode's highlight as the struggle for the two strangers is as hard on them as it is to watch for the viewer. But in the end they grow closer and even though the team defies all odds and gets de-qualified for nationals the episode seems to end on a happy note. At least until Mika predicts there is no such thing.
    The ending was unexpected but strong. I love sudden bomb drops and these worked fine. It proves Hellcats is a very underestimated show and with being one of the few shows to take the risk of open endings it's hardly deserving that especially this show got canned.
    Taking chances doesn't get paid off but it makes for darn good television.
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