Season 1 Episode 14

Remember When

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on The CW

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    I am astonished at how superb this show has been as of late. Also who else has noticed how much this show has developed since the first episode? I once said these characters were hard to get in to in the beginning of the series, but now all of them have a certain back story that makes them interesting, makes them three-dimensional. This episode showed us a prime example on character analysis, and a huge step in development. Tom Welling is doing a fantastic job as executive producer. Tonight we got a great balance of the humorous light flashbacks in contrast to Jake ransacking Marti's room to Travis being beat in the jail cell with large metal poles. We've got so many memorable scenes here, and it even made some characters somewhat redeemable (Vanessa).

    I loved the phone conversation between Dan & Marti, just the cuts and the shots, it was just amazing how they filmed it. Marti's leap of faith is worth mentioning, not to mention Savannah's up-do a couple years in the past. All the Hellcats (even Alice) joining in to save Travis made me realize how much this show developed and how intriguing this show got over the course of 14 episodes. Can't wait to see how this season arc plays out.