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  • Love Hellcats

    I think they should have never cancelled Hellcats. It was an awesome show and to leave the last episode like that suck. They could at least make a movie to wrap up the show made my day much better when it came because I had something to look forward to.
  • Pity it was cancelled...

    I agree it shouldn't have been cut! It was a very entertaining and engaging show! Shame.. would have loved to have seen the continuation. Last episode left us wanting more!
  • Shame

    I only just watched the full first series as there was nothing else on so I picked this for some entertainment. Though the programme was good and deserved at LEAST another season. It's unfair to leave it like that and I thought the acting was great aswell and not bad storyline. It's a shame it got cancelled.
  • should not have been canceled!

    this was my favorite tv show. i am very angry it was canceled.
  • now......!!!!!!!

    now wen its this great then they dont have a season two now come on this is not good i would have been glad if i can sit an entire day and watch hellcats its awsom i mean the characters are perfect i love them i hope persons change their minds....!!!!!!???????
  • CW is dum!!! This was a great show!!

    Omg.... That is wack. I watching some old episodes of this because I never got a chance to watch the whole series so I just finished it... I am so angry that there will not be a season 2. I want to know what happens does Marty meet her dad. I mean this was a great series, the coach gets fired because the ex was holding a grudge I want to know whT the he'll happens. This show was way better than all the other lame shows they put on CW... Plz CW bring Hellcats back!!!!!!
  • Sacrifice and Determination, those are the words for success!

    Personally, when I first heard about this series, I thought it would be a waste of talent from the actors, but when I started watching it, I realized just how great it was. This marks Ashley's greatest performance since "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and of course the "High School Musical" trilogy. I love her charqcter and the way she acted. The rest of the cast is also great, and I praise the work of Heather Hemmens, Matt Barr and Alyson Michalka.

    Too bad it got cancelled, but I still have hope that we fans manage to find a way to get it back. A 9 is in order for this one, which would be perfect if they had came back for another season (still, I hope they do, through an online petition).
  • Outgrown

    I started watching this show with no particular expectations, aiming for a little fun. Initially the characters were good enough to keep me interestedm, the story was not so bad, about the competitive side of cheerleading, and the lovey-goey stuff was under control. But I couldn't go through the eight episode, the love stuff is now front and center and the rest is not good enough to compensate. Thumbs down on originality: a love triangle, what a bore!.

    Anyway, good stuff if you are a teenager (probably), but even when I was one I'd have stopped watching. I've too many show to keep track of, so...
  • Marti Perkins loses her scholarship because of her mother's negligence and careless attitude. She starts looking for alternatives and found her prayers answers only if she can be a cheerleader. The Hellcats need a cheerleader and she needs a scholarship.

    Marti Perkins loses her scholarship because of her mother's negligence and careless attitude. Her scholarship was her only ticket of the nightmare that is her life with her alcoholic mother. Marti starts looking for alternatives and found her prayers answers when she found a poster saying (cheerleader wanted). She practices a bit at home to kick the dust off her heels, since she was a gymnast until a couple of years ago. She goes to the tryouts and blows their minds away especially since they need something new to win the nationals. Marti, played by Alyson Michalka, nicely played her part. Ashley Tisdale, who is playing Savannah Monroe the cheerleader's captain, also was properly represents her character but that is nothing new. Marti and Savannah are exact opposites. One is intellectual and has very high hopes and cheerleading was only means to an end while Savannah believes that's cheerleaders are qualified to almost be soldiers and they are, definitely, athletes, to say the least. Marti has a buddy called Dan. She says they are only friends but you can feel the vibes coming from Dan's side saying that if it was up to him, it would be more. There is also Lewis, a cheerleader in the team, who is showing a flirtatious side towards Marti. CW did very well producing this show but CW always does, I just hope they stay on and don't just get cut without a fair chance at survival.
  • I really like this show and can't understand why there are so many haters of it.

    I mean....granted, maybe a show about cheerleaders are not some ppl's cup of tea. Normally it isn't mine but Aly (Marti) is wicked to watch. She is very intelligent but has her flaws. In fact every character is a shade of gray on this show.

    But without a doubt my fav is Ashley Tisdale's Savannah. I'm a Christian and it's refreshing to see a Christian character that isn't treated like a freak. Yeah she is sheltered but she is breaking out on her own and trying to find what she really believes in. She is strong, fun and confident and a perfect opposite of Marti.

    The adults of the series are also complex enough to keep things shaken up. But let's not forget the actual cheerleading and the music of the show. All really great and I hope they keep the writing up.