Season 1 Episode 11

Think Twice Before You Go

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2010 on The CW

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  • An interesting mid-season break.

    Well, I am starting to wonder how many times they can tear poor little Savannah's heart out and squash it. It's a regular event on the show now but maybe this time Marti won't get another change for redemption.

    I have to laugh at the sudden choreographed dance routine they can produce every episode but this cowboy set was pretty good. I guess goody goody Christian school girls wear jeans while the naughty hellcats wear daisy dukes. I am curious, when do they ever cheer at football games anymore?

    The only aspect I disliked was the Hellcat's coach having a dream that wasn't Derek. This whole angle of her with the football coach isn't that interesting to me.

    Now Marti did a good job being one of those "meddling kids" when she took back her computer. Modern day Scooby Doo right there if she had a dog. Anyway, a good ep that builds for the spring time return.
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