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Disney Channel (ended 2002)


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  • A show that brings the fun with the Familys!

    Very, very, my favorite show. The Graphics and the storys are really decent. even the fairytales. The hello kitty animation theater is a lot more better because they have all the fairytales and they are really better and true. This children show brings lot's of fun (Even the Familys)! Any kids are very interesting in this show when they first started making it. this show is way better for kids and I also hered that many Grown ups like this show. If you are looking for a very decent show with better and cute Graphics, watch this show. It is way better than these movies I favorite on my profile. You are going to be really interested in the Graphics even the kids!
  • this show is amazing

    this show is good they have hell kit ty stores but they do not have hello kitty the show anymore wish they would air it back . it was a good show nothing wrong with it they do that to a lot of shows though a lot of shows are being cancelled especially old shows . but they always do that to good shows for some reason they do sell the dvd though like in block buster but i still wish they had it on t v . im sure a lot of people want this show to go back.
  • it is nice i mean it really teaches us a lesson

    it is nice i remember when i was younger i used to watch and like this show. i really like the cuteness of hello kitty and friends i really like this cause i miss hello kitty's voice the small but cute voice and on how hello kitty speaks or make friends.i wish to have this back i mean i like it so much you people will like this show it's so awesome and great.remember it's just like kindergarten, i would like to put this show back because.i am a hello kitty fan back then and sometimes i would like to be it again
  • A show with a pleasing message...

    This show was one of the cutest shows on tv! It followed the adventures of Hello Kitty and her friends as they grew up and learned about morals and friendship. Even though it sounds positively corny when you watch it you enter Hello Kitty's world! I'll be honest, a lot of people don't like "fluffy" shows like this and that's probably why it went off-air. I can't say this is the best show ever on tv but it holds a lot of memories for the people who used to watch this show! It should be brought back so we can reteach these morals again with an adorable kitty heroine!
  • hello kitty rules!

    i remember when i was a child.i loved this show! oh please bring it back! it's so sweet! i loved it a lot! and im sure if it comes back i'll love it even more! i loved hello kitty adventures! i watched it everyday! but it no longer airs:(. oh well if i dream.i'll dream of hello kitty!
  • I love the show.

    Hello Kitty is about a girl named Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy. They live in London, Paris with there parents. They have many advnetures with all of there friends, Kathy, Bear, Moley, Thomas, Tippy, Fifi, Jody, Tracy, Timmy, Tammy, Lorry, Joey, and Hello Kitty's Boyfriend- Daniel. Hello Kitty is a great show.