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HBO continues to swing a hot axe, and has handed cancellation papers to two more shows just weeks after ordering final seasons of Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom and months after announcing that the upcoming seventh season of True Blood will be the show's last. The victims this time? The low-buzz comedies Family Tree and Hello Ladies, according to Deadline. Both shows wrapped their first seasons in the second half of last year.

Family Tree was created by Christopher Guest and followed a man (Chris O'Dowd) looking into his genealogy. Hello Ladies was created by Stephen Merchant and was a cringe comedy following a gangly Brit as he did not get laid in Los Angeles. Family Tree never reeled me in, but I enjoyed Hello Ladies quite a bit, especially the character of Wade. And that lounge-y soundtrack.

Fortunately, there's better news for HBO's other small comedy Getting On, about nurses and doctors who care for old folks. The series is close to earning a second season, once some budget issues are worked out. But what budget issues are there to work out? Getting On looks like it's made on pocket change each week. It also happens to be the funniest of the three comedies, and well deserving of a renewal. Fire it up on HBO GO next time you take a sick day. 

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