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  • Based on the pilot, no.

    It wasn't even bearable for the entire 30 minutes. Cripes, I hope it wasn't longer than 30 minutes.

    The Merchant, Pilkington, and Gervais star has fizzled, they've had their 15 minutes of fame and bilked stupid Americans of lots of money.

    Gervais proved himself to be a wanker underneath it all, Pilkington is, as he already knew, boring, and Merchant's schtick has been better done by Larry David.

    If you've seen the sad little female companion in Gervais' Extras pining after him like a sad little idiot, you know where Merchant's sad little female tenant is headed.

    All the Gervais Triumvirate Men are the best in town, and any female would be lucky to have them.

    Bollocks. Any American woman with half a brain would kick them all to the curb.

    Tried it again - for the last time. Three (four?) episodes in, Merchant's character is still an ahole and the women are brainless ***s.

    If you like your men misogynistic morons - a***www, the wanker doesn't want to die alone, so let's forgive him his jackass personality - and your writers racist morons, this show's for you.

    You're welcome to it.

    I bet there were no women in the office the day HBO gave this piece of shit the green light.