Hello, Larry

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Hello, Larry

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Following the breakup of his marriage, radio talk-show host Larry Alder moved from Los Angeles to Portland, to get a fresh start. He got a job at a radio station KLOW, where Morgan Winslow became the producer for his phone talk show. Earl was Larry's obese engineer. Lary had been given custody of his two daughters, 13-year old Ruthie and 16-year old Diane. Glib and in total control of the air, he was much less sure of himself at home as the single parent of two maturing girls. Leona, a school teacher and neighbor, tried to bring a little of woman's touch to this chaotic household. Larry's ex-wife Marion (Shelley Fabares) also turned up occasionally. Added to the regular cast in the fall of were former Harlem Globetrotters basketball star Meadowlark Lemon, playing himself as a owner of a sporting goods store, and Tommy, a 14-year old neighbor. In February 1980 Larry's retired father, Henry, also moved in. Hello, Larry's timeslot on the NBC schedule was right after the much more popular "Diff'rent Strokes." Since both shows were produced by Tandem Productions, and "Hello, Larry" needed a boost, it was established that Larry Alder and "Diff'rent Strokes," Phillip Drummond were old army buddies. And that Drummond's company had purchased the radio station were Larry worked. The producers hoped that by having the casts of the two shows appear together in crossover episodes so that the much larger "Diff'rent Strokes" audience would be attracted to "Hello, Larry". It never was meant to be.moreless
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  • This show was about a radio talk-show host named Larry.

    McLean Stevenson stared as Larry Alder a radio talk-show host trying to get a fresh start. His marriage had ended and he was awarded custody of his two daughters. They moved from L.A. to Portland where he gets his new job at radio station KLOW.

    Stevenson had left the hit series M*A*S*H to take this job. It has become one of the longest running jokes in TV history. It ranks right up there with David Caruso leaving NYPD Blue.

    Hello, Larry's was even given a gift of following a popular show at the time "Diff'rent Strokes." It wasn't enough. The show just didn't have any audience and lasted longer that it really should have.

  • Back then everyone thought that Kim Richards was going to be the biggest female teen star on TV. She was going to be bigger than Brooke and Kristy put together.

    Then again Kristy McNichol is all forgotten as is Brooke Shields.

    However, Kim's name will live in infamy thanks to her big sis marrying a Hilton and having 2 daughters (Paris and Nikki).

    And it appears as if Kim's daughters are going to be heading to Hollywood too. Brooke Brinson is Kim's oldest of 4 kids and she is already seen hanging with her cousins Paris, Nikki and Barron.
  • Not as bad as you think

    This show has been the punchline for many a joke over the years. I watched this show when it was on and it was not that bad. No, it wasn't brilliant, but it wasn't the worst show ever made either. One of the daughters was re-cast in season 2, but that's commonplace these days. McLean Stevenson never got the credit he deserved after he left Mash, but he was a good comedic actor.moreless