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Jim Davidson I Agree With You

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    The series of Hell's Kitchen with Jim Davidson is really annoying me. The reason in one word: Brian.

    I agree with everything Jim Davidson has said and I think that the people there are just picking on him because he is a lot better than they are in every way.

    Everything he says people pick on him for and I don't think it's all down to political correctness, I don't like that everyone thinks he says what he says because he's old fashioned. Even if he is a homophobic, he tries in vain to hide it. If you watched the episodes with him vs. Brian, you can see that he says very little and sits by himself quietly drinking wine trying to stay out of trouble and then you have Brian going at him. I'm sure Brian doesn't know what he's doing but he should know that if he sits there continuously bringing up the subject, anyone would respond. He gets offended at the most stupid things and then has all the girls defending him because he starts crying and making a speech. And finally, Jim's right again when he says he uses the "homophobic card" against him because every time Jim says something, there goes Brian saying why are you saying that? Is it because you're homophobic? Jim did not attack people personally, Brian brought it up at every conversation with Jim and Jim responded with people misunderstanding him. I immediately saw where Jim was coming from and I understood, it isn't an old fashioned thing because I'm 17. If you want someone to blame, blame Brian.

    So my post is to say, Jim Davidson, I support you 100% and I hope that you're wrong about this being the world we live in today.

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