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Aspiring young chefs are put to the ultimate challenge in Hell's Kitchen, a reality television competition starring world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. Each of these chefs dreams of fame and fortune, but many soon find their dreams becoming nightmares. Chef Ramsay demands quality and the intensity of the challenges is beyond anything the contestants can ever imagine. Split into two teams, they must compete against each other to provide their very best in the kitchen. If they do, they are lavishly rewarded with everything from extravagant trips to a ride on Ramsay's personal yacht. Those that fail are forced to suffer humiliating punishment. At the end of each episode, the chef who provided the best performance in Ramsay's opinion on the losing team is chosen to select two chefs from their own team for elimination. They must then give their reasons for their selection. Though one of these two chefs may be eliminated, Ramsay is under no obligation to choose either, and the final decision as to who is sent home is made solely by him. From Waffle House chefs to executive chefs, the competitors are tested in every way possible, from leadership skills to culinary skills. Traditional challenges include a taste-test of everyone's palette and special events such as birthdays and weddings. The chefs, however, must always be on their toes, as they never know when surprises may be coming. Previous season - Hell's Kitchen aired the fifth season at 9 P.M. on Thursdays In this, the fifth season, contestants competed for the position of head chef at a restaurant in the Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa-- one being built specifically for the winner. This season's crop featured what executive producer Kent Weed promised to be "the best chefs we've ever assembled," with everything from a cooking-school instructor to a food-court chicken fryer. There were many contenders, but many dramatic twists as well. You can catch repeats of various seasons of the program on FOX Reality, which has the rights to repeats of the show. Theme Tune - "Fire" by the Ohio Players The first season of Hell's Kitchen is now available in stores across the United States on DVD. The DVD is billed as "raw and uncensored" and also features bonuses such as cast and crew interviews & a tour of the Hell's Kitchen set. And if you enjoy Hell's Kitchen, you might also enjoy Kitchen Nightmares, as well as Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, available in the United States on BBC America.


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Fan Reviews (256)

  • Bret Sucks

    Bret you suck, you act like a whiny little girl dude, grow the hell up no one likes you ....
  • Food for Thought . . .

    Scallops. Risotto. Some sort of square pan-fried fish. Steak. Ho-hum. Junior Master Chefs are expected to cook different dishes every episode - why can't these professionals? I'd like to see MORE variety in the menu. I know the contestants aren't necessarily picked for their talent in the kitchen, but honestly! Even I wouldn't burn scallops three times in a row, three nights in a row. A new menu and new talent are needed - these simple mistakes and simple menu are getting old.moreless
  • plastic

    Where does this blow up I need to know who is at fault on the front lie for serving plastic?????? The kitchen is not totally to blame!!!!!!!
  • Don't hang onto "colorful characters" too long

    My husband and I started watching the show this fall, watching old seasons on Hulu. We just finished season 9. We really like the show, find it very entertaining, and it has even inspired me to try cooking a few things that I have never cooked before, like scallops, risotto and cauliflower puree.

    We have noticed a tendency in the show that "colorful characters" (think Lacey or Sabrina) tend to hang around the show for an episode or two longer after it becomes obvious that its time for them to go; we assume this is to create more drama and excitement on the show. Which is fine. But in season nine a "colorful character" (Elise) was hung onto far too long and in our opinion this really detracted from our enjoyment of the show. I thought she should have been eliminated about halfway through the season; my husband, who is more generous, thought she should have been eliminated about four episodes sooner than she actually was.

    For all the drama and interest they create, a big part of the enjoyment of having a colorful character on the show is the satisfaction of seeing that person get what's coming to them when they are eliminated. At the absolute minimum Elise should have been eliminated after the episode in which she lied to Chef Ramsay; he's never let a contestant get away with lying to him before, and seeing someone get away with something of that magnitude doesn't make for enjoyable viewing. She drove every other contestant that season crazy and started driving us crazy too! There's a line between drama that sucks you in and drama that repulses you, and season nine definitely crossed that line into the repulsive category.

    We hope that season ten will be better! We like to watch a little craziness, a little drama, but the show seems to be getting steadily trashier each season and last season with Elise was over the top. We don't like to watch trash.

    I read on a website somewhere recently that prior to season nine, Elise the "Diva Chef" was approached and asked to be on Hell's Kitchen. If true, that would explain a lot of things, such as why she was allowed to stay on the show after being repeatedly nominated for elimination, verbally abusing competitors, destroying hundreds of dollars worth of high quality fish, getting caught sabotaging competitors and getting caught lying to Chef Ramsay. A part of me wonders and almost hopes that she was chosen specifically because she's crazy and was guaranteed to make it to a certain point in the show as long as she kept the crazy train going. But I really hope they don't do that again because it was no fun to watch.

    Prior to season nine I probably would have given the show a higher rating than 6.5. Hoping things turn around in season 10.moreless
  • He tells it like it is!

    I love the show and Chef Ramsey. I think some of the contestants think they are way more talented than they are and he puts them in their place so they can get better.

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