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The Final Five Chefs

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    I haven't made any topic or posts about this season yet, and usually I am all over that. However, there is a reason, and I will get into that after giving my opinions of the Final Five/Black Jackets, in order of winning potential.

    Oh, and possible spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen tonight's show yet, but I just finished watching it on tv, so I figured I was in the clear. =P

    Anyway, let's get started!


    Will - Overall, a great chef, definitely the best on the Blue Team, possibly the best overall. He can possibly choke under pressure, but he seems the least likely to, and most likely to win the season.

    Jennifer - Best Red Team member by far, and is also a great chef. She has led the Red Team through a lot of crap, which I give her credit for. Plus she is also good at the challenges. However, after tonight's episode, I predict she might come just short.

    Paul - This guy is remarkably average, but I suppose that's better than 90% of the season. X_x

    Tommy - Obviously the Trev of this season. Definitely the underdog, and you kind of want to root for him just because he has shown some promise, although you are 100% sure he is not going to win.

    Elise - Why the hell is she still here? My voice still hurts from screaming at the tv 3 weeks ago telling her to shut up. She isn't the worst this season, but like the rest of the chefs, far from the best.


    That's all I have to say, and that is seriously 500% less detail than I usually give when I rant about Hell's Kitchen. This season just has not been very good. And I mean, a lot of people have been saying this stuff about the last 2 or 3 seasons, but for me, they have at least been watchable. This season.....I honestly wouldn't mind never watching it again. Every season since the beginning, sans this one, I watch all of the episodes live, I watch them again the next week right before the newest episode as a refresher, and then on the week of the final episode, I rewatch the entire season again to prepare for the finale. This season might be a first where I not only skip the last thing, but also the second thing. It has been this bad for me.

    As long as either Will or Jennifer win, I'd push for a 10th season, but only as the finisher. I don't think this show has too much longer.....and I think this season has proven that.

    What do you guys think? About the final five, or my thoughts about this season, or both! =P

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    I think:

    I missed last week's shows intentionally because I knew it's more of the same & knew Elise's booting was moved up, since it wasn't obviously going to happen due to a weak class. I used to watch this show religiously but it's just not worth the effort anymore. I've seen it too much, seen too many scenes; wise that everything that's happening is what is & there has to be sabotaging by the sous chefs & producers, it's not an honest show, and if it wasn't Summer I'd be watching something else. Neither Tommy or Elise will the be the winner, or at least I hope. The show's extreme lack of follow-up stories on winners is haunting. Yeah, I could take or leave this show. After so many seasons, the formula gets repetitive (risotto, scallops, beef wellington; predictable punishments / rewards; drama players kept on intentionally). Hell's Kitchen's winners don't get a lot of press and I think that hurts the integrity of this show.
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    I agree with your top 2 and I also don't know why Elise is still here she might be and that's a big might be a good cook but as far as leadership qualities and potential to run a kitchen not on your life and the only reason she is still around is because she makes good TV she makes it really hard for anyone else to show any leadership skills with her around because it doesn't matter how good a leader you are when your team refuses to follow when they get rid of her I think the others will finally shine I would even go as far as to say that if she had been gone sooner some of the others could of given a better performance and shines more

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