Hell's Kitchen

Season 9 Episode 11

HK9: Day Ten

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 22, 2011 on FOX

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  • Proof that the game is rigged.


    This season of Hell's Kitchen has been the most painful one yet to watch. This season of Hell's Kitchen has me seriously reconsidering whether or not I want to continue watching this show. I will finish out the season since I'm this far in, but I think I will probably find better use of the time when the next season starts up. I can summarize what the most painful part of watching this season is in one word. Elise. From day one, Elise has been the most annoying, spoiled, rotten, pain in the neck person I have ever had the misfortune of observing. She makes me want to go on a murderous rampage every time she opens that big trap of hers. She has made this season almost unbearable. Not only that, but every week she proves herself to be undeserving of being a contestant on this show, and yet she remains every week, which is infuriating. Every week when she and the others would get on an anti Carrie kick, it just pisses me off. Just about any bad service in the red kitchen was due in part to Elise's lack of teamwork. She really throws a wrench into things and holds the team back. The first few times she didn't leave when she deserved to, I figured the producers were keeping Ramsey from letting her go to keep some drama on the show. Whatever the case is, this is a huge mistake. If Ramsey is actually choosing to keep her, then he just doesn't have a clue what he is doing, she is clearly not head chef material. She knows nothing of being a good leader or working with a team. She is incapable of it, and just 5 minutes with her should make it clear that she has no place there. If it's the producers, then they are making a horrible call. The drama got old real fast, and she makes this season painful to watch.

    This week, however, is the worst. Not only did she completely screw up the red kitchen's service, she also ran her big mouth blaming Tommy in the blue kitchen. Actually walked into the blue kitchen, up to Tommy, and accused him of screwing up their wellington's, when the camera clearly caught that it wasn't him, and that it was most definitely her to blame.

    She isn't a team player, she annoys anyone that has to work with her, she has screwed up and been on the chopping block several times, and then she goes and flat out lies to Ramsey, lies to everyone, and interrupts another kitchen to try and shift blame.

    I repeat, she flat out lied to Ramsey, right to his face. That should have been grounds to take her jacket on the spot right there.

    Why is she still here?


    Why on earth is she still here?

    Clearly, the game is rigged. I have lost all respect for Gordon Ramsey, and for the show. I'll finish out the season, but I won't be back for the next. This show has jumped the shark.