Hell's Kitchen

Season 9 Episode 14

HK9: 5 Chefs Compete Part 2

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 2011 on FOX

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  • Ramsays sold out


    This season of hells kitchen has been painful to watch and I hope its the last. Ramsay is clearly just there for show/money and has no real say in who goes home.

    The standard of chefs has been falling since season 1, its no longer a cooking show its a who can be the most annoying competition.

    Elise should have been sent home 5 episodes ago, she is the main reason for the season being the worst by far. Anyone who has seen Ramsays non Americanized shows will know there is no way in hell he would put up with her by choice.

    I wont be watching the final and will be boycotting all of ramsays american shows as the network is clearly aiming them at the mentally challenged(do we really need to be told what happened 2 minutes ago after every ad break).

    Next week on hells kitchen the most stupidest, scripted pile of crap EVER