Hell's Kitchen

Season 1 Episode 1

HK1: 12 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 30, 2005 on FOX

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  • After seeing the fourth series first to see the how it all began was quite interesting. The language on the DVD version is uncut and real Gordon Ramsey.

    I liked the way they set it up, but the potential chefs at first glance seem qualified to work the window at McDonald's. No one wowed him with their signature dish, and some of them were outright terrible.
    The squid reward challenge was fun, and the one woman contestant makes a real double entendre statement about men and cucumbers, I got a good laugh.
    Both kitchens were disasters, no one really won, one team just was not as bad as the other.
    Dewberry had a bad day, but the one who went home violated one of chef's first rules by turning her back on the rest of the team. No one will make that mistake again.
  • Chef Ramsay cuts down the contestants to size ---Carol Ann receives her comeuppance

    When I discussed the show with my little brother, we were on opposite camps about how well the show was going to be. I, of course, knew this show was going to be GREAT!!! I love a good cooking show, but I also was curious about this particular chef's behavior. I decided, "What the heck?" I was right. =)

    For their first challenge, each chef was asked to prepare a signature dish. Ramsay was disgusted with over half of those dishes. Already, I saw people I didn't like based on their behavior --- Chris and Andrew because they argued, despite the fact that he spat out "Andrew's Absolute Penne" and cursed at it. Bad mistake!

    During the chefs' first dinner service, everyone (except Elsie and Ralph) were miserable. Throughout the show, everybody deserved to get yelled at, especially Carol Ann, who did nothing to help. It didn't help that she made excuses, tried to win sympathy, and acted like a drama queen in both dinner service and on the chopping block.

    Carol Ann served as a mighty fine example that Ramsay would point out in the next dinner service: Nobody needs a drama queen on their hands. That is why Carol Ann was not only cut off, but made it on my proposed list of the "Worst TV Actors/Actresses of All Time!!!" for 2005
  • Wow!! Hell's Kitchen is not pretty. Gordon Ramsay will eat your heart out, then spit it back out!!

    I’m just amazed at the brutal actions of Gordon Ramsay toward his elected assorted sniveling wannabe restaurateurs. This show reminds me of IRON CHEF with a kick of British style honesty and BAM!!! Some Gordon Ramsay turbulent physical presence and harsh opinions on your art of cooking. Nowadays there is a bit of British spice in every show to U.K nanny’s (911 Nanny) and U.K tailor’s (QE: U.K Edition). Hell’s Kitchen bring you into the fiery hot kitchen with Gordon’s hi standards and the madness of opening a restaurant while your still green behind the ears. I was literarily toss from side to side when Gordon announced opening the kitchen, then toss food around yelling that it’s not up to his standards, Also the uncomfortable feeling of telling someone that was waiting 2 hours for there dinner, that “The kitchen is closed…sorry!!” What the hell is that!!! I was shocked!! This is one of my favorite shows to watch!! Because there is not that many shows that gets me uncomfortable!!! Can't wait for the next episode!!
  • Fun and laugh out loud funny!

    Though I can't say this is a truly great show, I have to admit that I had a lot of fun watching it. After seeing the antics the contestants were put through in episode 1 I seriously can't wait to see what "evil" challenges they will have to go through next.
  • Being a cooking and reality show aficionado, I thought the show was great.

    I've seen Ramsey's bbc show where he tries to set a kitchen back on track after it has gone downhill ('Ramsey's Nighmares'?)and immediately got hooked. This one is a little "Mark Burnett" for me, but still love his honesty. I can't believe how quickly the bad mouthing and backstabbing took place. We'll see how it fares in the long run. No favorite character... yet.
  • The first episode of Hell's Kitchen was ludicrously predictable, outrageously staged, and badly acted, even for a reality show. And I loved it.

    The first episode of Hell's Kitchen was ludicrously predictable, outrageously staged, and badly acted, even for a reality show. And I loved it.

    Why did I love it? Partially because of its star Gordon Ramsay, who makes seething rage charming in a way only a Scot could. Consider his completely staged insult of two blonde bimbo-type "patrons" of the titular restaurant/sound stage, "Jean-Phillipe, please escort these two back to plastic surgery." Genius, even if the line was fed to him by a writer.

    But mostly the charm of Hell's Kitchen comes in the show's laughably thin nods towards reality show conventions. Here's ten scruffy looking culinary hopefuls hoping to win Ramsay's favor and take home the top prize: a restaurant of their very own. (Apparently these ten "contestants\" are oblivious to the fact that the restaurant biz is second only to chairman of the Chernobyl Tourism Board in terms of failed business prospects.) There's Gordon Ramsay yelling curse-laden abuse at his pupils often enough for you to wonder if his mouth is permanently pixelated. There's the completely lame "twist" from the pilot episode; that Hell's Kitchen would be open for business the day the ten competitors move in. Let the chaos, bad service, and hilarious grease-burn hijinks ensue! There's even a guy named Dewberry which shall, from this day forward, be known as The Greatest Reality Show Contestent Name Ever.

    Even the big shock in the pilot--Elsie's betrayal of Dewberry--had the tell-tale makings of reality show production, as comfortably transparent as the strangely attractive and emotive "patrons" who happened to pack the Hell's Kitchen set--err, restaurant--on opening night. By casting off any pretensions of reality in this reality show, Hell's Kitchen has hooked me; at least until next week.