Hell's Kitchen

Season 1 Episode 10

HK1: 2 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2005 on FOX
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In the two hour finale, It's down to the final two contestants who have survived the wrath of Ramsay and many disastrous nights at Hell's Kitchen. Chef Ramsay turns HK over to the battling duo by dividing the restaurant in half, with each wannabe chef designing a portion of the restaurant. Some familiar faces also return to form the finalists' brigades.


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  • Hells Kitchen Season Finale

    Wow! This episode had me at the edge of my seat for the whole episode. THey were both neck to neck for the whole competiton. I personally liked Michael's performence and had a feeling he would win but it kept me guessing. I believe Ralph's team screwed him up a lot. With the help of Michael exceptional team and himself, he won Hell's Kitchen. I wasn't expecting the part where all the previous chefs came and helped the finalists cook for Hell's Kitchen. But the biggest surprise that I found was when Gordon Ramsey told Michael Wray that he would teach him in his restaurant. Overall, the best chef won and this was the closest contest betweeen the finalists of Hell's Kitchen.moreless
  • It was obvious from the start that Michael should win. And the setting and design was well thought and carried out. The menu went with his theme and overall was the best.moreless

    It was obvious that Michael should win from the beginning. I loved the entire show and still remember the setting of the final episode. Michael exicuted his thoughts well and his menu said it all. I would love to dine where he is the chef. In the future it would be nice if the show would do contributes to the winning chef's. Maybe host one night in each Chef's location so that we all could continue to follow them as they grow and review them in their own enviroment as a leader and chef. I belive without a doubt that this is the best realality show out there.moreless
  • Excellent Ending!

    That was a very exciting ending! Im glad that Michael won. He was more soft-spoken, but much nicer to his "staff" I liked his resteraunt design better, the people on the street liked his food better. I hope they have another Hell's Kitchen, I would watch if they did. Congrats Michael!
  • This was a show not to miss, I do not think I have ever been this excited about a reality tv show. The ending was not the best I have ever seen but will have to suffice.moreless

    This show highlighted both of their skills and literally showed who was better.

    Michael did fight a little dirty in the challenge but when you fight, you fight hard. Loved that little stunt that he pulled on Ralph in the dress rehersal, skipping the crab in the crab risotto.

    All in all a good show, glad to see that the other contestants actually were giving it all to help their former opponents. Dewberry and Andrew really came through for Ralph but in the end it wasn't enough since Michael won. In Michael's kitchen he was a little loose until he finally pulled it together and let them know who was the boss and started getting good food out.

    One of the most remarkeble thing for me was that they both managed to get out a full service and that return rate was phenomenon, both scoring 90% and over, just fantastic for both of them.

    I at least am eagerly waiting next season and congratulations to Michael.moreless
  • A delicious ending to Hell's Kitchen!

    This was the one episode where Chef Ramsey let the two remaining contestants loose in their own kitchens to decorate, plan menus and run the kitchen staff. I thought Michael was the true winner. His menu was well liked, his staff was much better than Ralph's and even though I wasn't a fan of his restaurant decor, I thought he did a great job. I started to get nervous as soon as I saw poor Dewberry walk in, and he didn't fail to perform below par. I was surprised that Elsie didn't get chosen quicker by either Michael or Ralph. All in all, it was a great series and I would like to see it done again.moreless
John Janavs

John Janavs


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Jeff Dewberry

Jeff Dewberry

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • While they were taking their turn at the pass, Michael sabotages Ralph by not putting crab into the risotto. Ralph says he tastes the risotto, but sends it out missing the key ingredient, and it's sent back.

    • Reward Challenge: Chef Ramsay asks the men to create their signature dish, and then they take it to people on the street to judge which is better. Ralph prepares Bistecca alla Fiorentina, a porterhouse steak for two topped with a three mushroom ragu, and gets 6 votes. Michael prepares short ribs Osso Bucco, and gets 12 votes, and wins. The reward for winnning is that Michael got to choose first when they are picking which of their fellow competitors will be working for them.

    • Misc: Michael and Ralph are informed that Hell's Kitchen is going to be split in two for the final service, with each contestant decorating their own restaurant, choosing the service uniforms, and creating the menu.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Michael: (in an interview segment) Yeah, you know, I think that me and Ralph are really different in a lot of ways. What he has in his, like, charisma, I sort of make up for in my food itself.

    • Chef Ramsay: Michael hadn't said anything to any of his team, then all of a sudden, he just put his head down and he turned around at them and said--
      Michael: You guys cook like old people ****!
      Chef Ramsay: And I thought-- my God that-- that came out of the blue. You know, I wouldn't expect something like that to come out of his mouth.

    • Jean Philippe: (discussing the wait staff) Do you want the ladies to wear black panties?
      Ralph: (long pause) Excuse me? Leggings? Uh, panty hose?
      Jean Philippe: Uh huh. You have to think about those things, I tell you.

    • Chef Ramsay: So, the final two. Who's going to win?
      Michael: I'm going to win.
      Ralph: I'm going to win.
      Chef Ramsay: That's the shortest answer you've ever given me, Ralph.
      Ralph: It was the easiest question you ever asked me.

    • Jean Phillipe: Hey, Ralph.
      Ralph: Hey, Jean Pierre, how are you? Jean Pierre?
      Jean Phillipe: If you call me one more time, 'Jean-Pierre,' I'm gonna kill you.

    • Ralph: (answering the phone at 7:36am) Bonsoir?
      Chef Ramsay: (after he hangs up) 'Bonsoir', stupid idiots.

  • NOTES (1)