Hell's Kitchen

Season 1 Episode 9

HK1: 3 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 25, 2005 on FOX

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  • Jessica out of the top two competing for the prize!

    Jessica is no longer in the final running for the
    Final two spots. As it is now up to the two men.
    Gordon tells her that she isn't that good as the two men are and that she knows it deep down inside.
    Despite trying to not let it get the best of her.
    Very good show from start, middle, and finish!
  • This episode was very dramatic and had a funny conclusion to it. The three finalists were on the edge (literally) in this episode.

    In this episode the three finalists were deprived of sleep and rest as Gordon had an emergency for them to deal with. Two out of three excelled in that “challenge”. After grabbing little sleep they were all woken up to face Gordon and the real challenge; making souffle. The winner got to choose first what ingredient he wanted to use for his speciality dish in the evenings service. This episode has some special VIP’s in the dining area. Those special VIP’s will be deciding on what dish will win and then Gordon will also base his decision on their performance in the kitchen. This is also the first episode where the chef’s complete service on a fully booked restaurant and actually manage to impress Chef Ramsey to the extend that he is actually smiling. All in all a good episode that keeps you waiting for the finale.
  • Three final contestants fighting for the right to have their own restaurant!

    This show was one of the best! Watching only three contestants complete an entire sitting for the restaurant was amazing. Jessica really didn't have a good night with getting drunk, not helping with the bread baking and then making a complete fiasco out of the desserts. That whole thing made me a nervous wreck! It was definitely her time to go home! Come on Michael!!