Hell's Kitchen

Season 1 Episode 8

HK1: 4 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 18, 2005 on FOX
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Chef Ramsey turns up the heat on the final four contestants on Hell's Kitchen. The Kitchen opens its eighth night with not only the contestants left over from the previous night's service, but also the ingredients. The four remaining chefs are given 15 minutes and a tray of leftovers to create a meal that Chef Ramsay considers servable. The winner of the challenge is rewarded with a chance to cook on a live national TV show alongside Ramsay. Jealousy and desperation are eating away at the wannabe chefs and with all of them fighting for themselves, the kitchen feels like a pressure cooker. Who can handle the heat and who gets kicked out of the kitchen?


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  • Ramsay has a heart?

    It was quite interesting watching this episode. I watched the show last season and picked up watching the show half way through this season and I was surprised to see the change that Chef Ramsay had gone through. Last season all I remember was a constant barrage of yelling with few compliments to the aspiring chefs.

    This season seems more enjoyable because while he is disciplining the chefs who are not meeting his expectations, he is also complementing the chefs who exceeded his expectations. It was good to see the stern chef let loose and have fun with his apprentices. I was also sad to see Jessica go. I usually root for the underdog and she seemed like she had a lot of potential. Hopefully with Ramsay bankrolling Culinary School for her, we will see her again.moreless
  • The kitchen gets dirty.

    I thought the competition was interesting because Ramsay kept repeating the fact that he wanted them to use as many of the ingredients as possible, yet the three only used a small amount.

    Jessica whined about not getting the win because she did dessert, but I didn't see the strawberrys on the leftover tray. Also, he told them to make "a dish" from the ingredients not an entire meal.

    Both Ralph and Michael think they are going to win everything, so it's always funny when one of the less technically skilled people wins. I'ts usually because the winner actually paid attention to the rules of the competition, not as Michael said, because Ramsay is grading on a curve.

    The bitterness flew after Elsie won and they shut her out during dinner service. On one hand it seemed a bit childish, but on the other I'm surprised we hadn't seen more of this all along.moreless
  • The elimation was hard to watch as well as watching the treatment Elsie got from her teammates.

    This episode highlights how ego central these people are, in revenge for her winning the challenge they cut her out completely, not giving her any help at all when she and they needed it. The sad part was seeing the kindest person in the show sent home. I still hope Michael will win this in just the same way that I hoped Tom would win last season of survivor, they are both playing a game and sometimes you have to fight rough to get to the top.

    The challenge was a fun one, one that we can all relate to, making something out of leftovers. Anyway, a great entertainment and I hope there will be a second season.moreless
  • The Man Does Have a Heart

    I concur. This was probably the hardest elimination that Ramsey had to do, IMO. When he said that the team lost its spirit, they were not kidding. She was the one that infused real life into the kitchen.

    The contestants need to realize this is not a regular reality show. Not only do they need to show they can cook, they need to show their customers that they have good customer service. Without customers, their restaraunt will flop.moreless
  • An episode were Chef Ramsey finally showed the human being inside.

    This episode was pivotal because Chef Ramsey decided to send home the one person in the kitchen who was decent and kind. The other three are backstabbing liars and don't deserve to win. I do think Elsie probably doesn't have what it takes to run a restaurant, but she did great for just being a mom. Ralph needs to go home next!!
Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Head Chef

Mary Ann Salcedo

Mary Ann Salcedo

Sous Chef (Red)

Scott Liebfried

Scott Liebfried

Sous Chef (Blue)

Elsie Ramos

Elsie Ramos

Season 1 Contestant

Jessica Cabo

Jessica Cabo

Season 1 Contestant

Michael Wray

Michael Wray

Season 1 Contestant

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • This is the second episode in a row that the person who won the challenge was sent home after a poor performance during service.

    • First Kitchen: Jessica apps, Michael veg, Elsie fish, Ralph meat.

      Second Kitchen: Michael apps, Jessica veg, Ralph fish, Elsie meat.

      Third Kitchen: Elsie apps, Ralph veg, Jessica fish, Michael meat.

    • The Black Team: Elsie, Michael, Ralph, and Jessica

    • Reward Challenge: Ramsay gave the final four contestants 15-minutes to each create an original dish out of a tray of 15 different leftovers from the previous evening's service. Among the ingredients were macaroni, parsnips, chicken, beef, raspberrys, and a lemon. Elsie made chicken soup. Michael made a side dish of grilled chicken wings. Jessica made a beef stew and a raspberry dessert. Elsie won the challenge as Ramsay said that she used the most ingredients as well as having a hearty, tasty soup that he would order in a restaurant. As a reward, Elsie accompanied Ramsay to a taping of Good Day Live, where they demonstrated how to make risotto.

    • Service Period: The next service period did not have any twists. Elsie was asked to assign the team members to various tasks on the line as the second part of her reward. During the service, Ramsay reassigned the team twice as he felt that there was inadequate communication between the team members.

    • Best of the Worst: None

      Nominees for Elimination: Elsie and Jessica by Chef Ramsay.

      Eliminated: Elsie

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Elsie: (in an interview segment) I am the leftover queen. When you're feeding a family of six, you learn to utilize leftovers really well.

    • Chef Ramsay: (to Elsie after she's eliminated) Keep smiling. You light up the place when you smile.

    • Jessica: (on Elsie's TV appearance on "Good Day Live") Elsie is a little older, you know, and so were those women. I think she got to bond, as far as that goes.

    • Maryann: (referring to Elsie's reward) You guys still don't know what it is, right?
      Jessica: I've got some guesses what's going on.
      Maryann: What are your guesses?
      Jessica: Well, I don't know, she's bringing her chef's jacket and knives, and ah...
      Ralph: Cooking for the governor?
      Maryann: No, I wouldn't want that gig. I'm afraid I don't have that good a schnitzel recipe.

    • Elsie: I made a traditional chicken soup, my hangover special. I cut up some potatoes... (breaks off laughing)
      Chef Ramsay: Leftover chicken soup, great for hangovers?
      Elsie: Yeah, yeah. Put a little hot sauce on that and you're good to go.

  • NOTES (1)