Hell's Kitchen

Season 1 Episode 5

HK1: 7 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2005 on FOX

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  • This was a very exciting episode and was worth watching.

    This was a very exciting episode and was worth watching. Overall, the series is not too great but I find myself watching every week. I just like watching how the kitchen of the restaurant functions. The chefs did a good job serving the customers without any training, though the menu only had like 3 choices for each course.
  • Michael was smart.

    Before this episode, Michael has proven his worth to both the Chef and to the team. He has carried his team (both when he was on the blue team and now that he is on the red team). But now we see both teams getting down to the final people. Instead of spending his time covering his team to get the win, he spends his time making sure he looks good. His desserts were excelent. Then he worked to make sure the other team looked bad by flooding them with orders for the most difficult dish. But his best move was to nominate two members that were the strongest. This eliminated his most skilled competitor on his team. Good move Michael.
  • Can't believe it worked!! Micheal's tactics worked!! And i'm not talking about the lasagna!

    I can't believe ramsey booted chris over what's her name!! I wish he'd just said that Micheal picked horribly, and he's going instead of either of those.

    It really shows what kind of rat he is!

    It also shows that it has NOTHING to do with how well someone can cook. Ramsey took offense to the fact that Chris was labled, Executive Chef.

    He was ALWAYS the top cook on the team. Always a TEAM leader, and never near the worst.

    To me, this ruined the whole show, and just sunk it down into all the other reality shows where you use strategy to screw your buddy.

    Jimmy should have gone, hands down.

    I sure hope Ramsey makes the red team pay for that decision over the next few episodes, and I sure hope the Micheal pays the dearest with a notice to pack his bags.

    What a tool.