Hell's Kitchen

Season 1 Episode 11

HK1: Finale

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Michael's restaurant was meant to be LA style, and Ralph's New York, so their patrons were brought in from their respective cities to judge how well they fulfilled their goal in that respect. Customer comment cards were factored into Chef Ramsay's final decision.

    • During prep, Andrew cuts himself while turning artichokes and has to go to the hospital for stitches. But once he's fixed up, he returns to work for the service. But during service, Dewberry feels faint and has to walk off the line for a time to recuperate.

    • Ralph names his restaurant Frank & Lulu's, after the name of his dog and a friend's dog. Michael names his restaurant Lola Pop, after his wife Lola, who he sometimes calls Lola Pop.

    • Michael's Team: Jessica, Jimmy, and Elsie

      Ralph's Team: Andrew, Wendy, and Dewberry

    • Nominees for Elimination: After the service, Ramsay praised both of Michael and Ralph, saying that all the customers loved their food and atmosphere, but one thing helped him make his decision: the number of customers that would return. While one scored 90% on this question, the other scored 94%. Based on customer comments, Ramsay declared Michael the winner. Ramsay then made Michael an offer: the original prize of his own restaurant, or an invitation to join Ramsay in London to work and learn alongside him at one of his restaurants. Michael accepted the offer to work in London.

      Winner: Michael

  • Quotes

    • Dewberry: (bringing a dish to the pass) This bass is full of ****ing love. Chef, that is love. For you.
      Ralph: Thank you, sir.
      Dewberry: You're welcome.
      Ralph: You are a rock today, Dewberry, aren't you? You are Gibraltar, you are the Hope Diamond...
      Dewberry: I'd rather you'd be saying I was Brad Pitt's wife!
      Ralph: (under his breath) He's got issues.

    • Dewberry: I'm not going anywhere! If I fall out, just kick me in the ass and push me back up.
      Andrew: I'll make sure to live up to that.
      Dewberry: Snap me in the ass if it's you, though.

    • Ralph: (when Dewberry says he's about to pass out) Don't die on me tonight, Dewberry! Die on your own time.

    • Ralph: (15 minutes before service begins) We're one man down...
      Andrew: (arriving at the kitchen) You've got one man back up!

    • Ralph: All right, Andrew, mathematically we've got about two minutes before those pumpkins have to be in the oven.
      Andrew: I'm working on it, man.
      Ralph: I want to be able to get all this prep done within four hours. Right, we've got four people times four is sixteen hours of manpower right now. Do you understand, I can afford no error.
      Dewberry: (completely missing Ralph's speech) Do what? Where am I?

    • Chef Ramsay: Ralph was great tonight but Michael deserved to win because his creativity and standards are simply on a higher level.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: September 14, 2009 on Barrandov

    • Follow Up (08/06/05): Second place contestant Ralph Pagano is also living his dream -- he opened his own restaurant in Sag Harbor, New York called "Fat Ralph's Deli".

      Follow Up (2008): Pagano's restaurant has closed.

    • Follow Up (08/06/05) : Winner Michael Wray plans to make the move to London within the next two months and then return to the U.S. next year when he'll start-up his $2 million US restaurant -- his prize for winning.

      If all goes as planned, it will open in Las Vegas in 2007.

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