Hell's Kitchen

Season 10 Episode 1

HK10: 18 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 04, 2012 on FOX

Episode Recap

The 18 new contestants arrive at Hell's Kitchen with nothing more than to win. Sous chef Scott introduces himself, and he says he shaved his head to work with Chef Ramsay. He then asks for volunteers to have their heads shaved. After two volunteers have their heads shaved, Scott has Danielle volunteer next, but Chef Ramsay himself comes out and stops the act. He divides the teams by gender, with the women on the red team and the men on the blue team He then tells the 18 cooks to prepare their signature dishes in 45 minutes.

Chef Ramsay then explains to the contestants that the two people with their heads shaved were just Scott's friends, and sous chef Andi is wearing a bald wig, which she then takes off. Ramsay has Robyn and Don present their dishes. Robyn's seared striped bass with yellow romesco sauce earns praise, while Don's southern saltimbocca has half a teaspoon of cumin. The point goes to the red team. Next, Tiffany and Guy present their dishes. Tiffany's lamb is flooded in maple sauce, and Ramsay doesn't taste it. Guy's dish is a pan-seared striped bass with a burnt chocolate miso sauce. He asks Chef Ramsay not to taste it three times, but he tastes it anyway. Chef Ramsay says "it tastes like a f---ing fish sundae." No points are awarded. Roshni and Royce go next. Roshni's lamb and Royce's pan-seared grouper both earn points. Next, Justin ties the score when Danielle's spaghetti is oversauced. Kimmie's fisherman's trio is presented poorly, and Brian's chocolate cake dessert baffles Chef Ramsay, who won't taste it. No points are awarded, and the score is still two to two. Barbie's potatoes are very soggy, and is not tasted, while Chris's steak is burnt black. No points are awarded. Briana and Patrick both impress Chef Ramsay, is the score is now three to three. Dana's pan-seared scallops impress Chef Ramsay, while Tavon's shrimp fettuccine has too much vinegar. The red team gets the point. Finally, Christina's pork chop impresses Chef Ramsay, while Clemenza's veal chop is delicious, but he put too much truffle oil on it, leaving Ramsay with a bad aftertaste. The red team wins five to three, and they get to eat dinner made by season three winner Rock Harper and season 6 winner Dave Levey. The blue team must clean both kitchens and prep them for Hell's Kitchen's 125th service.

The following night, Ramsay tells the contestants about the grand reopening, and he tells them not to ruin it for him. The doors open, and orders start appearing in the kitchens. Roshni starts by cooking only three scallops instead of five, and she must try again. On the blue team, Royce can't find anchovies for his caesar salads, and he blames Guy for not prepping it correctly. On the red side, Roshni's scallops are overcooked, and Chef Ramsay sends her out of the kitchen. Barbie replaces her, and the red team finally gets its appetizers out. On the blue team, Royce finds his anchovies, but Tavon's pigeon is raw. Justin sends his scallops up, only for Ramsay to discover they're all torn up. In fact, the blue team's entire supply of scallops were ripped, and Tavon is responsible. When Tavon laughs at Ramsay's comments, he is sent out of the kitchen. Meanwhile, the red team has finished all of their appetizers, and Christina is ready to go with her wellington. Unfortunately, her wellington is undercooked, and they must start again. The blue team still hasn't served any appetizers, and Royce's spaghetti is undercooked (despite Clemenza telling him not to put it up). Ramsay sends him out of the kitchen. Chris brings his onion tart up, but Ramsay smashes the raw tart. He sends the remaining members of the blue team out of the kitchen. Finally, Christina's wellington is undercooked again, and Ramsay closes the service.

Ramsay says there was "a hundred diners, eighteen chefs, and zero entrees served." The blue team failed to serve any appetizers, resulting in the red team winning service. The blue team must nominate two individuals for elimination. Upstairs, Patrick decides on Tavon and Royce, while the others go for Tavon and Don. Back downstairs, Ramsay asks Patrick for his two nominees. He nominates Tavon and Don, but Ramsay refuses to accept Don as a nominee because he was on the entree station, therefore he didn't get to cook. Ramsay nominates Royce instead. Royce and Tavon both try to persuade Chef Ramsay to keep them in the competition, but in the end, Tavon is told to leave Hell's Kitchen.