Hell's Kitchen

Season 11 Episode 17

HK11: 5 Chefs Compete, Pt 1

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2013 on FOX

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  • Too much crying over their families.

    Too much crying over their families. How do these people manage when they go on vacation?
  • miss old style

    Wish they would go back to the way they started, Way too much time listening to the constants

    - fight in their rooms

    - visit relatives

    - received their reward (good 15 minutes )

    - I want to see more cooking competitions

  • not a review, just a preview

    already torn, because game 7 is going to be tinight, and I know HK will end before it tips off but i do like me some pregame info with the guys. but it will clearly be a blind challenge to cook for their families to before they get the black jackets. no predictions here, because I was convinced Susan was going to be gone long before this. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

    and Gordon, and am now loving Masterchef. I went to one of his restaurants, he wasnt there, but I loved every minute of it.