Hell's Kitchen

Season 2 Episode 8

HK2: 4 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 31, 2006 on FOX

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  • Nice twist at the end! makes for an intesting final 3.

    The finals are set. Unless Keith or Heather screw up badly in the next service, I cannot see Virgina going on to the final. She is just not in the same league as Keith and Heather.

    In this episode, Virginia was so bad, Chef lifted her immunity. Now, as much as I wanted to see Sara gone, I really felt that Chef should have stuck by his guns and dunped Virginia. I mean come on, how many people seriously believed that Virginia would not stay on given the choice.

    I had mixed feelings about the gifts Virginia brought back from the shopping trip. On the one hand, that she thought to bring anything back for the others was nice, but lets face it the gifts she did bring back were cheap! On the other hand, I think that Heather, Keith, and Sara, had no right to complain about the gifts. What ever happened to common courtesy. I was always taught that it was the thought that counted not the gift!

    Oh well, Sara is gone, the real battle will be between Keith and Heather. I hope Heather wins, but I think Keith has it because he has been a little more consistant.

  • Okay

    I watch this show, because chef amuses me with how mean he is to these guys. I am very suprised that they sit there and take the insults. I guess, the payoff can be quite lovely, but at the same time there really is no need to be horribly mean. Or is there? The big guy is going to win, as much as I would like to see the prize go to Heather. She freaks out a little to much, and I don't think that goes well with running your own place. As far as the elimination goes....great choice. That girl got on my last nerve.
  • In the challenge, the four remaining cooks had to serve construction workers with their own lunch menu. Virginia won the challenge but lacked the drive to perform well during the dinner service. However...at the end, Sara was eliminated.

    All I have to say is......this is by far one of the most CRAZIEST episodes EVER!!!

    Virginia's sudden confidence at the end totally caught me from surprise. That's probably why I rate this episode so high. I can see alot of potential in Virginia but.....judging by overall performance....I think it is going to be down to Keith and Heather.

    Keith is probably the most consistent one in the final three but Heather might sneak from behind for the win. The only way I would think Virginia has a chance if she totally WOW'S me in the next episode.

    Love the show!!
  • Sara is out! Finally!

    This is the episode I have been waiting for since the beginning of the season. The day Sara leaves. It wasn't just that. The entire episode was awesome.
    After the construction workers judged their dishes, I still couldn't believe Heather's dish was liked the least. I'm sure I would have loved it. I'm glad Virginia won the challenge and not Sara. I'm glad Sara had to prepare crabs while Virginia was out shopping. It was funny when Virginia found a cow toy at the store and made fun of Sara. That made me laugh. After she returned, the only bad thing was everyone else got mad at Virginia. Later, my heart almost stopped when Chef Ramsay said she was no longer safe. When it was Virginia and Sara in front of Chef Ramsay, I was freaked. Chef Ramsay then left the choice of who goes to Virginia. Thank goodness she chose to stay and kick Sara out of Hell's Kitchen. I loved seeing Sara's picture burst into flames. This was unbeatable.