Hell's Kitchen

Season 2 Episode 7

HK2: 5 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 24, 2006 on FOX

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  • What a great episode the teams merging into one friendships going out the window and service completed in less than 3 hours

    Garrett out of it despite working hard since the beginning but he served chef raw chicken and that just couldn\\\'t be accepted or ignored. a lady throwing a tables\\\' food on the floor and the team completing service in less than 3 hours despite a very difficult 12 seated table. i personally thought when chef said Virginia\\\'s name i thought she was out but when he told Garrett to take off his jacket i knew it was because of the raw chicken incident.

    and i agreed with chef ramsay\\\'s final thought on why Garrett went out
  • Good Challenge, Excellant reward, evil punishment!

    Enjoyed this episode. I felt that the challenge was very good for the contest, because it challenged the contestants to create a dish that Chef Ramsay would find not only acceptable, but as it turned out good enough for the Dinner Menu. Keith stepped up and his dish was the best. It was interesting to note that Chef was happy with all of the results.

    As the winner of the challenge, Keith was able to select someone to travel with him to Vegas to see the space for their restaurant at the Red Rock Casino. I along with everyone else I imagine was surprised when he picked Virginia over Garrett. Garrett was pissed, Virginia very surprised, but I can’t fault Keith for his logic (Virginia was 2nd best). While Keith and Virginia was away, Sara, Heather and Garrett had to fumigate the kitchen. While this was a good experience for a future head chef, it was a hot thankless job, made especially more so because of Garrett’s mood.

    Dinner service went well with some exceptions. Garrett tried to serve raw chicken, Sara could not tell the size of the scallops, Heather messed up her risotto, and Virginia had trouble on vegetables. In spite of the problems, they completed diner service including a 12 top.

    I think that Chef made the right choice in Garrett, but if I were to rank the player at this point, I would put Keith first, Sara and Heather tied for second, and Virginia in third as the weakest.

    Of course the teasers for the next episode are just those, but I look forward to the “suspense” anyway.

  • the two teams are combined into the top 5 remaining chefs...

    i found this episode to be very out of character with the other ones. (i have no idea why.)

    i think the first time that keith betrayed garrett, it was an honest choice on his part. he picked the second best chef. but the second time he betrayed garrett, i was quite annoyed. when each of the chefs was pleading their case, he said to garrett, \"you\'re in, man.\" i mean why promise such a thing if he felt that garrett might be on the chopping block? keith has a problem trying to make everyone happy. sometimes, people just prefer the honest truth.

    i know that chef ramsey is a jerk but i was really shocked when he made the comment to the lady about her cleavage. it was quite balls-y; i\'ve never seen anyone go against the \"customer is always right\" rule. it was pretty cool. although, i\'m curious as to what her complaint was.

    i was shocked when chef picked garrett to leave. i mean yes, it\'s true, garrett served raw chicken. but virginia is a whiny weak little girl. she hasn\'t shown signs of toughening up. meanwhile, i\'m surprised sara has lasted this long with her \"i\'m out for myself\" attitude.
  • The two teams unite and complete dinner...but with a twist in between...

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the first half, but I do know that two chefs went to check out the new restuarant over in Vegas. Juan Phillpe said that Keith's new dish from Day 1 showed interest and that Keith should serve it that night.

    The resturant was packed tonight. All its tables were full, including the dreaded 12-seat table which was for a bachelorete party. Keith served whatever thing was called to the customers and they really enjoyed it while Virginia was having problems with the appitizers. Garret was also having a lot of trouble with the meat. He actually tried serving it raw!

    After 83 out of 100 customers were served, a hungry female customer walked up to the counter and told Chef Ramsey she was hungry. What she got was one of the biggest shockers in Hell's Kitchen. Chef Ramsey insulted her! Because of that, she threw some of the entraes all over the kitchen floor and left the restuarant. We all know Chef Ramsey is always mad, but he was now responsible for a lost customer and lost food all over the floor.

    Good thing the bachlorete party came in late or they'd be in trouble. In the end, all of the tables were served. Hallelujiah!

    Garret and Virginia were nominated for elimination by Keith who was the best chef and Garret was the one out, leaving Keith the only dude around along with the girls Heather, Sara and Virginia.

    Opinion: Obviously everyone has wanted to see Sara leave, but it really didn't look likely for her in this episode. Garret did much worse than her and after seeing highlights for the next episode, it would be very interesting to see who would get eliminated next...