Hell's Kitchen

Season 2 Episode 6

HK2: 6 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 17, 2006 on FOX

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  • another great episode this week

    definitely thought this was an excellent episode..

    the challenges today were interesting and clever as usual. ramsey's comical and brutally harsh remarks were hilarious as you would come to expect from watching this show..

    the feuds and rivalries are definitely escalating and definitely makes for some entertaining viewing.

    i'm sad to say that pretty much all of the remaining characters are somewhat annoying in their own ways, and i'd be willing to bet even gordon ramsey himself is shocked that one of these chefs are going to own a top-tier restaurant one day, but regardless it is one of the few shows i still look forward to every week and am looking especially forward to the remaining episodes

    great job

    9.5 / 10 is my rating :)
  • Egoes flare and the blue team comes back blazing.

    Tonight's show was classic!!! I said last week that Rachel's leaving lit a fire under Heather and this week that was very clear. The blue team has been drowning up until now, and in this episode they completely obliterated the red team.
    I have to agree with the Blue team when they said they couldn't believe the red team won the challenge. A shrimp does indeed have tails and even the Chef said the soup was good otherwise while the red team burnt their soup. I mean how do you burn soup?? That takes talent. The fact that Virginia's dish compensated for Sara's should have been a tip off to Chef Ramsey that this team is out for themselves and falling apart fast.
    But the blue team did kill the deliveries which I don't think the red team could have done-- not because of the gender issue but because they are simply at each other's throats! The blue team really had each other's backs throughout the deliveries and then Garrett turned all immature. It's a good thing Keith and Heather were strong enough to pull them through.
    Virginia's crush on Chef Ramsey is distracting her from the prize. I think she's too concerned with impressing him at the moment and not long term. It's going to be interesting to see what the dynamic between Sara and Virgina is now that Maribel is gone.
    Sarah really was a royal idiot this week. She led her team into a lamb dish which she cooked "years" ago, left that part out when she suggested it, and then tried to cover for herself by saying that no one else can cook lamb either.
    Virginia reminded me of a ditzy cheerleader. She pushed Maribel out of the voting and then acted like she was her best friend. She was completely obnoxious when she said that "no" to Maribel. Very high school and immature. Virginia is clearly emotionally not ready to handle a restaurant of her own. Plus- sushi as a suggestion? It only looks easy to make; there's a resaon why restaurants have specially trained sushi chefs.
    Maribel really was sweet but you just never saw much of her. Leading isn't sitting back and waiting for the team to come together. Leading is fighting the whole way and making it come together. I thought it was hilarious that Sara was pmad that no one was coming to her aid when Chef was criticizing her. She said her self she's not there to make friends so she has been backstabbing everyone from day 1 and then the minute she messes up, she wants help and starts whining like a baby.
    Propz to the blue team for finishing the first dinner service and then helping the red team finish theirs. I felt bad for the waiter who took crap because of the chefs. The blue team not only came back tonight; they came back swinging and beating the other team down. From the trailer for next week's episode, I want to know what happens between Keith and Garrett because a woman comes between them and next thing you see, Garrett is cursing Keith like no other. I think Garrett is chauvinistic and his "women are lesser than men" attitude is going to re-emerge. He's only okay with Heather so long as he can think of her as one of the guys.
  • The tables turn....BIG TIME

    Ever since Day 1, the Blue team have been doing horrible. I believe the only time they've ever won anything was when they did the kids' lunch. Sara has continued to remain on the show, being a b**** and one by one, each dude on the blue team is voted off....until now.

    In the morning, the teams had to create dishes to impress Chef Ramsey. Most of them were pretty good, but unfortunately the Red Team won...again. And while they get to relax in the sun (and accidently do a Janet Jackson in front of the camera), the Blue team have to make deliveries. Garriet is furious and when his limo takes off, he flips Ramsey the bird. Now THAT made Ramsey mad.

    With several hours until the next dinner, the teams are asked to create their own menus. Once dinner starts, it's all aboard the Expletive Express....only this time, the Blue team get off to a strong start. They get their appitizers done on time while the Red team are having a horrible time cooking. Another fire occurs in the kitchen by the Red team and for the first time in this season, the Blue team are cooking up a storm.

    Although Garret seemed to be having trouble getting the meat ready, Ramsey gets him to fix it while the Red team continue struggling. Unbelievably, the Blue team are finally able to complete their service and make a Hell's Kitchen first: DESSERT!

    As for the Red team, things are going down the drain and we finally see Sara get yelled at hard by Ramsey. Her lambs suck! There's blood everywhere! XD

    Since the Red tables are starving and everyone in the Blue tables are already eating, the Blue teams joins the Red side to finish up the meals.

    Waiting to see which member of the Red team would be voted off, I really hoped it would be Sara...but nope. Instead, Maribelle(I think her name was, I don't remember; sorry) got voted off.

    Down to only 5 chefs, Sara and Virginia are to join the Blue team next week. And one of the chefs will do the worst possible thing anyone could ever do in a kitchen...any guesses? o__O