Hell's Kitchen

Season 2 Episode 3

HK2: 9 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 19, 2006 on FOX

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  • Chef Ramsay beats them down again!!

    This time, Chef Ramsay was over the freakin' top as Hell's Kitchen opened up again. Chef Ramsay taught them all a lesson in communication when he did the communicative Reward Challenge! The men lost and did the laundry. The women won and got a day on a yacht. When the women come back, Garrett makes a comment about the women that really pisses Heather off, so he crossed the line there. At dinner service, Giacomo forgets to turn the gas on the oven, so that was funny. One of the guests had a Wellington Counter, haha, nice touch. In the end, it wasn't clear who won, but the blue team lost. So instead of picking one best chef, he makes the chefs pick the worst. Tom and Giacomo are nominated. Giacomo is eliminated because he couldn't really cook that well. I wonder what Hell's Kitchen has in store next week!
  • Interesting episode as the men go down in flames again!

    After the first two shows i thought that Heather was the women's chef to eat. Now, I am not so sure. While it is obvious that she has the skill and trainning, she also cannot stop being a sous chef. Trying to 'help' Sara who was doing fine is not the answer. If she is to succeed she wil need to learn to do her job and assist not try to control the rest of the team. It is also interesting to note that Rachel and Virginia are pretty much below Chef's radar at this point and that may be a good thing!

    On the men's side what can you say other then that they are idiots. They are so wrapped up in there own egos that they are willing to tourch the entire team to win! It will be interesting to see if any men remain standing at the end. My perdiction is that Tom is next to go.
  • Why do we love this foul-mouthed chef? Ramsay reminds me of an adult who is totally annoyed with a bunch of trouble-making kids and beats them mercifuless with words...

    Ramsay, once again, was in true form, if not perhaps even a little more manic than usual. It is almost scary that some of chef-wannabes made it into the competition. I would of booted Tom first - sweating into the food - and his attitude? Yeah right, I'd really like to see him try and take Ramsay down in a physical altercation - somehow I think that Tom wouldn't come out on the winning end like he seems to think. And Sara is another one with an attitude that needs severely adjusting.

    In my humblest of opinions, there is only one contestant who even comes close to being able to handle running a restaurant in a billion dollar resort, and frankly that is Heather. I found myself irritated when Sara kept bad-mouthing Heather over the burn - not too many people could have that severe of a burn and let the team know where things stood.

    For anyone in pursuit of a culinary career, doesn't it make sense to soak in everything Ramsay teaches and cut out the arrogance. Chances are that none of the contestants will ever even come close to being in the same league as Ramsay. And none of them should have walked into Hell's Kitchen thinking that this was a lock. As Ramsay said, tear 'em down then build 'em up.

    I just love this show!