Hell's Kitchen

Season 2 Episode 5

HK2: Day Five

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 10, 2006 on FOX

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  • The pressure is on...

    I didn\\\'t watch this episode until tonight\\\'s re-run so I had no idea that Rachel was the one cut. I was really sorry to see her go, just like Heather. Rachel did mess up badly towards the end but she was gorgeous; she had this don\\\'t mess with me tough biker chick look but whenever she was in the kitchen, she really wore her heart on her sleeve. The recap of her moments displayed exactly that-- her getting on her knees, begging the store owner to let her take ice back on credit... her running and falling and spilling ice and still getting up and making it there... and I thought the friendship with Heather and Rachel was great. It\\\'s what is missing from most reality shows so it was good to see. Sarah must have some major childhood trauma. yes, it is a competition but there is no reason why you can\\\'t make friends and take it back with you wherever you go. Heather and Rachel were friends even throughout their being on opposite teams. And Rachel\\\'s parting words to Heather to beat Sarah and then Rachel\\\'s subsequent leaving-- I think it really lit a fire under Heather.
  • Virginia, Virginia, Virginia. She stole my heart!

    Oh my goodness. How much do I love Virginia? Let me count the ways:

    --> She rose up to be a challenger in Hell\'s Kitchen. Virginia shined in the blind taste test tonight. She was hot and sexy during the photo shoot. That reward was well-deserved. Virginia got Garrett all jealous (although I like Garrett from one guy to another) about the challenge. She\'s beautiful when she smiles!

    --> Virginia went from being the underdog who might go home to being one of the girls to beat. She handled her seafood station like a pro. I especially loved her when she was glowing from her first positive feedback from Ramsay.

    --> Virginia rose up and became \"Best of the Worst\" tonight. YAY!!! She took advantage by talking to each of her teammates individually. I loved that she\'s like this sweet innocent girl who just waltzed into a dark and dank place and melted the place with her glowing personality. Virginia talked on and on about how Sara backstabbed her and that Ramsay refused to believe her about the problem. Then Virginia continues to talk until Ramsay tells her to stop (but in a nice way).

    To make a long story short: tonight\'s episode was all about sweet little Virginia. I just absolutely love her to death! If Hell\'s Kitchen ends up not working out for her, then she should try to own a TV show on the Food Network! Go Virginia!!! :)
  • This indeed was a fine example of cooking and deception indeed

    Well, I loved this episode, even though I love all the episodes of Hell's Kitchen. Okay, The taste thing is definatly something he should have done long ago in the season. I am now putting all of my faith in the blue team cuz heather and garrett are there. I was at first with red cuz Tom and GIacimo were bluzies but since they got boted off, I've been happier with the blue team; the red team was a strong team. BEfore they voted off Rachel! There were only like 4 people i didn't hate and they were Garrett, Heather, Maribel and Rachel!!!!! VIrginia should have voted off sara Right on the spot but noooo rachel has been chopping her butt off in this series and She gets voted off, WTF?????????????????????????