Hell's Kitchen

Season 2 Episode 4

HK2: 8 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 2006 on FOX

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  • Lunch service, sabotaging, team altering and tom being stupid what an intense episode

    what an intense dinner service there was a bit improvement as the teams served the patrons helf the entrees but absolute chaos reigned the kitchen. Tom and Rachel were the worst i felt sorry for Virginia because it wasn't her felt that the terbot wasn't ready and chef ramsay called her a liar because Sara hadn't started it yet but with tom well he was absolutely awful just like the whole service chef ramsay absolutly hillarious he calls tom a "f****** ****" after burning the duck and then gets replaced by K-Grease who the best chef in the kitchen and when its all said and done Tom who was being a total idiot saying he has given up more than anyone gets the chop
  • Wow, Sara is the bad guy, who'd a thought it!

    Headline reads: Sara Torpedoes Virginia! In a classic reality show maneuver, Sara who is turning out to be a real bad girl, totally screwed Virginia during service.

    Virginia is trying to push out product, waiting on fish from Sara. Sara keeps telling Virginia that fish is ready. Virginia relays this information to Chef. In truth the fish is not ready, Virginia looks like a cover your ass liar! Wow, it was great theater. Now, I cannot believe that Chef or his Sous Chef’s did not catch the subterfuge.

    The other story is that with Heather gone to the men’s side, the women appear dysfunctional as a team. The men on the other hand gained from Heather’s experience as a Sous Chef and leader. The men won their first challenge and if not for Tom, might have won the night.

    Final chapter, Tom is gone. That’s to bad but did we really expect a different outcome for him. I believe that he was the last week link on the men’s side. I think from this point forward it will be the men winning for a while.

  • A very special good and evil episode.

    First of all, I have to say that this episode finally put a label on some of the wannabe chefs here. Sara was clearly marked the villain for that stunt she pulled in dinner service, and made Virginia look like a liar, when it was actually Sara who lied. You can also slap another label on her... b****. Heather "shined" tonight, helping the blue team to a reward challenge victory, but she wasn't able to help them enough to win the dinner service. Well, it was actually Tom's fault, so he was eliminated. I guess Heather was the hero in this episode, and I hope she takes down Sara quickly. Keith also sort of "shined" in this episode as well, but I don't know yet. All in all, a very good episode that revealed true colours.
  • Totally Awesome!

    DUde, The thing with the kids was out of this world hilarious. Ramseys at it again! I've had some of his food before and it is soooooo good! And the turnout tonite was incredible. I want Heather to win this entire thing or I will Go to the Hell's Kitchen and Choke a chicken and Throw it in Gordy's face! But I am very pleased on how the turnout went. I've wanted Tom to leave since day one! He's a kissup to Gordy and it gets him nowhere. His best thing sometimes is how he works the meat. I'm A Heather Fan anyway. THis Show Rulse!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A fine example of the Ramsay Wrath. And it is apparent who rises above the rest....

    I'm glad Tom is gone. I have been grossed out by him since watching him sweat in the food during day 1. This episode clearly illustrated his incompetence and he himself admits that he can not cook. Then why the heck was he chosen to be on the show?

    Kids are picky eaters, and I was happy to see both teams knock out the unexpected lunch service. Okay, it was pizza, mac & cheese, hamburgers and french fries, but hey, I've had crappy food in that category. And it was great to see Heather kick some butt on the blue team. She is clearly rising above the rest.

    Once again, dinner service was a disaster. And Sara will get what is coming to her. I didn't like her from the get-go, and my hunch that she is a troublemaker was proven without doubt last night. I truly hope that someone points out to Ramsay that Virginia IS NOT a liar (which we all know by now that Ramsay hates) but rather Sara purposely sabotaged Virginia. She is a witch with a big old capital B.

    Looking forward to the next day....
  • The heroes and villains arise...

    Poor Tom. The guy was brave, but hard-headed and unable to get anything right throughout the competition. I hope he does well in the future. A bit of advice: Get a grip buddy!

    This is the part where I can get to root for the \"good guys\" and boo at the \"bad guys.\" I was glad Heather was moved to the Blue team. \"The Three Men and a Little Lady\" really got things going for a while. Tonight however, proved that Heather is the strongest out of all the chefs. She left the Red team and the ladies lost the challenge tonight. Afterwards, the Red team began to deteriorate.

    I hope Sara gets her nasty comeuppance, no matter how good she \"says\" she is. If she can\'t bring it to herself to realize she\'ll need them to win, then Sara is going to sink.

    I applaud Rachel for stepping up to take Virginia\'s place on the chopping block. I hope Rachel wins over Sara. Also, I love Virginia. If she were not married, then I would be in love with her. Anyhow, I\'d work with Virginia and Rachel anyday. Also, bring along Heather, Garrett, and Keith! YAY!!!
  • Hell's Kitchen's first lunch

    So far, there have been three dinners at Hell's Kitchen this season. All 3 times the Guys/Blue team lost. So Ramsey breaks up the Battle of the Sexes by putting Heather on the Blue team to join the guys. Heather is now the leader of the Blue team. A girl leading a team of boys? Weird.

    In this episode, HK is going to have its first lunch. An entire army of elementary school children are coming to the restuarant. Most of HK's meals take nearly an hour to complete. These kids won't be able to go 10 minutes without food. They must work hard, cooking burgers, chicken tenders, french fries, spaguetti(sp?), pretty much all fast food. In the end, the lunch is an absolute success. Everyone gets what they want.

    Now comes the voting. The kids voted which team was better. And by 0.01 points, the Blue team finally won for the first time. Heather and the guys were then to spend the rest of the afternoon at an amusment park on the L.A. pier. They have a lot of fun...while the red team have to clean up the mess the kids made. It's here that rivals start to develope in the red team.

    While cleaning up, Sara starts making an even bigger mess of the dinning room. Arguments break out. The red team's winning streak had ended...and now they were starting to go downhill even more.

    HK is not all about fast food. Dinner antraes are what's most importaint. Unfortunately, this was one of the worst dinners ever. The red team weren't getting everything done because Sara kept telling Virginia that her stuff was ready...when it really wasn't. And if that wasn't enough, the ice maker's broken so now Rachael has to run to the nearest supermarket and get ice. On the way back, she slips and ice falls out. Things are not going well at all for the red team.

    The blue team is having even worse trouble. Tom can't get the meat ready. There was also a plate of spagetti that was still cold. Then, Tom accidently sets fire to part of the kitchen. So pretty much everything's messed up.

    We've seen Chef Ramsey angry before but this is the angriest I've ever seen him. So many expletives and sexist comments came out of his mouth. He was just totally p*ssed off. Eventually, he told everyone to stop cooking and f**k off.

    The match ended in a draw. Both teams had to nominate a player who would be going home. It was between Virginia and Tom. Seems rather ironic that Sara was the best chef because off all the lying, cheating and stealing she did, but either way, Virginia stayed and Tom went home.

    ANOTHER member of the blue team gone. It looks real bad. Seeing the boys getting beaten by girls is just insane. Saw the highlights from next week's show. What will happen?