Hell's Kitchen

Season 2 Episode 9

HK2: 3 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 07, 2006 on FOX

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  • Was worse episode of Season 2

    Honestly I really didn't like Season 2 that much. I was left wondering why Virgina did as good as she did and if the producers made the decisions rather than Ramsay himself. Keith could run circles around that idiot girl.

    BTW Keith died from drowning a couple of years ago and it's sad to see his dream crushed by a bunch of heartless producers.
  • This episode involved yet again the benefit of VIrginia's good palate that won her immunity for the main challenge of the episode.

    I enjoyed watching the show at season one and as it progressed until finally the series seeemed to focus so much on Virginia. It was so obvious she really didnt know how to cook and by reputation, Gordon Ramsay's supposedly very straigh-forward with his opinions which leads to make me think he actually had a thing for her or this show just another scripted drama made to grab viewer attention. How you pick all the "better" chefs to leave for screwing up once or twice and retain a SALAD ChEF that cant even make the salad station work in timing with the others?
    I've learned to dislike this show because i think the drama is just too much. It's no longer amusing and Virginia for the final two??? COME ON!! THere are better chefs there than her, and i hate the cookie smiles she keeps making when she shows how much she likes Gordon. I really believe her being on the show is nothing but a MARKETING STRATEGY!
  • This episode made me really hate this show. Virginia keeps winning! I really DO think Gordan has a thing for Virginia, if he didn't, she would've been eliminated when she was nominated the 2nd time!

    Eliminating Keith was a HUGE mistake, he slipped just once and he was eliminated right after that? How many times has Virginia fallen? ARGHH. Keith and Heather were by far the best chefs in that competition, I might include Sara or Garrett as well. I kinda wish Micheal (1st season winner) made an appearance on the show, hes a hottie. Although the prize this season was much more appealing than the 1st season.
    1st season prize: Cooking with Ramsey (I wouldn\\\'t call that a prize)
    2nd season prize: Million dollar restaurant on Billionaires block in VEGAS!
    All I gotta say is.. GO HEATHER GO!
  • Virgina yet AGAIN won the challenge and this did not sit well with Keith and Heather. During the dinner service all three finalist got a chance to run the kitchen. Even though it seems like Virgina struggle again...Keith was sent home instead.

    Virgina won the challenge again but I thought struggle the most during the cooking section of the dinner service. So I was a little surprised that Keith got sent home.

    But as I thought back, Keith did show signs of weak leadership skills more often than the other two ladies. Both Heather and Virgina showed more of a dominant presents in the kitchen. Plus he did mouth off at Gordon Ramsey during the dinner service. You don't talk back at the guy who decides if you stay or go even though he might be wrong. Keith would probably stayed if he had his mouth shut. I had to admit though....I thought it was pretty sweet seeing Keith standed up to Chief Ramsey during elimination.

    So.....the final two is now Heather and Virgina. I really THINK Heather will take the prize but....Virgina just....never dies. She's like a super survivor or something. I mean.....if she really sucked in the final episode and she still would win....maybe Keith is right....Chief Ramsey does have a thing for Virgina. ~wink wink~

    Well.....I really hope both Heather and Virgina REALLY step up their game in the finals. That would make it a CRAZY finale.

  • This is the worst episode of the series. It exposes the fraud of the decision making. It is insulting to the inteligence of the viewers.

    This is the last episode my family will ever watch. We have been watching the show since the start of season 1.

    Chef Ramsay has gotten much too arrogant with his decisions. with virtually no reasonable explanation for his decision. This episode he keeps the inept girl (virginia) over the hard working fat guy with potential(keith). A decision obiously made on looks not talent or desire.

    If you like survivor you probably will like this episode. If you have an interest in the restaurant business and like a fairly judged contest you will be insulted by this episode.

    For some undisclosed reason chef Ramsay has engineered Virginia\'s success. It was probably done to create controversy to improve ratings. Chef Ramsay is accused of lusting after Virginia I think ratings is the reason. In any case it turns Hell\'s Kitchen into a joke. It will be hard to think of Gordon Ramsay serious chef after you watch this crappy episode.
  • When it came down for the chefs to run the resteront... Virgina and.... were up for elimination!

    And Keith!!!! I love Virgina and she has to win! When it came down to them Keith left and was rood to Chef Ramsy! but now i am shaking so bad to see who wins! I proabably clicked backspace 50 times I am so shaking nervouse! Virgina needs to win, she needs to!! I Love This Show!