Hell's Kitchen

Season 2 Episode 1

HK2: 12 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 12, 2006 on FOX

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  • In all they needed to work as teams as they learned. Second at this time nobody was really a stand out of the group.

    New season and new attitudes. Everyone needs to know their place and contribute to the team. If you slow down you get moved down and finally will be gone. Best choice to eliminate. Can't hold up the progress of others. Where do they find some of these people. Wow a little scarry, maybe a shave and hair nets. This group is not as stand out as the first, yet I could see some potentiual if Ramsey gets onto them a little faster and harder. Overall I wonder how this season really did in the rattings for this is a late addition for reviews.
  • A great start to what looks like a very good season.

    Chef Ramsay! Chef Ramsay! He is the master of all the chefs and he kicks off season 2 of Hell's Kitchen with a bang. The contestants are each to make a dish for Ramsay, and Ramsay rejects most of them. Then, the cooking starts, and it looks like the new contestants are really lacking in cookking experience. They should be pro, considering there are a pizza guy, a prison cook, a sous chef, a fishmonger and even a freakin stockbroker there who should know basic food stuff. ANyways, great start to what looks like a fantabulous season.
  • This openning was nothing less then we have come to expect.

    The great roman emperors lording it over gladiators in the coliseum had nothing over Gordon Ramsay! I like this show because it is an unvarnished look at how the apprentice system worked and still works in mostly European kitchens. The biggest difference is that those chefs would never open service with a line staffed only by apprentices.

    To me it already appears that Heather is going to be the winner. She did not complain when chef made her the donkey. She kept her mouth shut, but when given the opportunity, she stepped up quickly, efficiently, and produced results.

    One thing that I don’t understand about this show that was also done on Top Chef is the challenge to produce a ‘signature’ dish in 30 minutes. I am a better then average cook and MY ‘signature’ dish takes more then 30 minutes to make properly! Is there any question that Chef could not eat what was created.
  • A great beginning for Hell's Kitchen!

    I love the fact that Ramsay is Ramsay and he doesn't censor himself. Brutally honest - and in this series, it is what makes it work. I had heard rumor that the chefs this year had more experience than last seasons, but I didn't see that. In fact, I thought that last season's had overall better chefs, but only time will tell.

    I agree with the decision to boot Polly and Gabe - both totally blew it in the kitchen. It was great the way that Heather stepped in after an hour and a half and made things happen. Bravo. However, the ego of some of these characters is amazing, considering the lack of talent they demonstrated. Ah well, Ramsay will put the in their place!

  • same chef Ramsay new cast lacking cooking experience

    In this two hour season premiere you get the same chef Ramsay the no nonsense to the point chef . which i like in season one and am glad they did change him or try and make him fake (so far). Some time reality show will take these things to far were they become lame. We will have to continue to watch to find out. The only thing i noticed was that they put together people that will have issues creating drama in latter episodes. in season one the people seemed more naturally pick for there talents there ability to cook not for there noticeable attitudes. The new cast dose not seem to know as much as last years cast but that could all so be to the editing of the show i will have to keep watching to see what happens. over all i enjoy the show and will continue to watch it