Hell's Kitchen

Season 2 Episode 2

HK2: 11 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 12, 2006 on FOX

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  • With this 2nd half of the premire, we start to see the acutal personalities and qualities of the prospective winners and losers.

    One of the best and most relevant challenges I have seen in a cooking show! The control of portion size is key to the success or failure of any food service organization. As Chef pointed out with his early morning example, a restaurant could not survive with the amount of waste they had during the opening, and could not survive or account properly for costs if it did not control portions.

    I thought it was wonderful to see Tom step up and for Chef to acknowledge it. I was surprised that Giacomo only was able to produce 2 steaks. For some reason I thought he would be the leader of the group and be in the final stretch, now I am not so sure.

    Heather was amazing. Even with a burned hand she was directing her team on how to complete her dishes. I only hope that the burned hand does not prove to be her undoing in the end. I really see her as the best of the bunch and the probable winner!

    I thought Sara did a good job of recognizing a problem and stepping up. I give her points for that. Larry on the other hand is a real disappointment. I can understand the body failing from stress, but this was only after the first real brutal session. I hope he gets better and is well, I would have liked to see him stay around a little longer, and the team probably could have used his fishmonger skills.
  • Again why I watch!

    We will see more and more of Ramsay's tough and
    No-nonsense appeal as the new cooking staff will try to
    Win a job to design the new restaurant as well as run it
    The first season the cast knew what they were doing
    But this year, the second cast doesn't seem to know
    At all what Gordon Ramsay expects of them. Sure you want
    To ask the Chef to watch his mouth. But he only
    Expects the best of you!
  • same chef Ramsay new cast seems to be lacking cooking experience

    In this two hour season premiere you get the same chef Ramsay the no nonsense to the point chef . which i like in season one and am glad they did change him or try and make him fake (so far). Some time reality show will take these things to far were they become lame. We will have to continue to watch to find out. The only thing i noticed was that they put together people that will have issues creating drama in latter episodes. in season one the people seemed more naturally pick for there talents there ability to cook not for there noticeable attitudes. The new cast dose not seem to know as much as last years cast but that could all so be to the editing of the show i will have to keep watching to see what happens. over all i enjoy the show and will continue to watch it