Hell's Kitchen

Season 2 Episode 10

HK2: Fnale

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on FOX
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In the second-season finale, from the menu to the decor, the two finalists must combine what they've learned in Hell's Kitchen and have the passion to prove their worth to Ramsay as they are each in charge of their own restaurant.

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  • was not a hard decision

    I couldn't help but feel that Ramsay's eyes were rolling back when he said this was the hardest decision he ever made. I also was hardly surprised at who won, real predictable.
  • Amazing. Great way to end a great season. Keeps you on the edge of your seat

    I waited all week for the hell's kitchen season finale and kept thinkin, who's it gonna be virginia? heather? is the show gonna be good? bad? am i gonna be disappointed? then monday finally came and i have to say i couldnt have been more pleased. i followed the whole second season from day 1 and this is one of the best reality shows of our time. the finale began and ramsey said they would be designing their own resturant(genius) and they would be creating their own menus with signature dishes(genius) and then to win virginia and heather would have to work with the old members of hells kitchen to reach their goal(genius) everything left you on the edge of your seat, the challenges, the main battle, the ender, One of the greater reality season finalesmoreless
  • wow!

    ok all i can say is wow, hells kitchen keeps you on the edge of your seat and just when something happens there is a commershal and well it keeps you wanting to watch the show. CONGRATS to Heather, the red rock resort is the nicest thing ever. I plan on eating there in the near future. but heather dont make this place go down or elce... you will be on ramsays other show \"Ramsays kitchen nightmares\" so keep up the great work, you are doing great for a 25 year old sous chef. you have sprouted into something big. To everyone elce you guys can all still make it big, rachel will probobly be one of heathers #1 staff and well tom stop sweating, just even stop cooking you would gross me out more than supersize me... infact id never eat again!. and to all of the contestants that mouthed off to ramsay... well us chef\'s dont respect people that are rude... so if you dish it out be prepared for the concequences. well best of luck to you all keep up the good work peace out carpe diem!. . . . . . . . . .

  • It\'s down to Virgina and Heather and YET AGAIN...Virgina won the challenge (by a bit). Both run their kitchens efficiently but Heather showed WAY MORE leadership than Virgina. So it madde sense that Heather won at the end.moreless

    wow...I was pretty much at the edge of my seat during these last two episodes. The mommentum was swinging back and forth.....both Heather and Virgina had their ups and downs. It was just CRAZILY entertaining.

    I just loved Virgina\'s \"motivational\" speech:

    \"I pick you three guys because your the weakest....\"

    way to raise the moral of yoru team Virgina!! not...hahaha

    Surprisely....her team did pretty well.

    But no match against Heather.

    When I saw Heather tonight....I saw her dictating her kitchen like a 5 star general. She knew what she wanted and how she wanted her food to be. Heather really took herself to a whole new level. Wish her best of luck in her NEW restaurant in Las Veges

    Virgina...even though she lost....she has alot of potential. Just need to improve her performance under pressure. And also....cut down on the flirting....really unnessary haha

    Great show!! Hope they make a third one!moreless
  • In the end, it was a lot of suspense, a lot of excitement, and a lot of fun.

    Well it's finally over, and this episode marks another finale for a season of 'Hell's Kitchen'. It was quite a roller coaster, and had enough surprises and twists to keep me guessing throughout. I was pretty sure who would win and was happily proven wrong (I was sure my pick was going to lose). All in all I'm happy with this episode and looking forward to the next season. Bravo Heather!moreless
Albie Colotto

Albie Colotto

Designer, Red Rock Resort

Guest Star

Keith Greene

Keith Greene

Season 2 Contestant

Recurring Role

Garrett Telle

Garrett Telle

Season 2 Contestant

Recurring Role

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

Season 2 Contestant

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Virginia leads the Blue Team, but her menus are reddish, and Heather of the Red Team has dark grayish blue menus.

    • Chef Ramsay gives both of the finalists a ticket to London and an invitation to visit his restaurant so that they can see where it all started for him.

    • Virginia is given the Blue Kitchen by Chef Ramsay, in spite of the fact that she was never a member of the Blue Team, unlike Heather. The Blue Kitchen is the one always used once the contestants are consolidated into one Team, but the first winner, Michael Wray, was on the Red Team like Heather.

      Also, Virginia is given Maryann as her Sous Chef, even though she's in the Blue Kitchen, where Scott has always served, and Heather takes Scott into the Red Kitchen with her.

    • Virginia reveals to the press that the competitors had their own little dance routine that they made up, and she and Heather demonstrate it for the reporters, much to Heather's chagrin.

    • The members of Virginia's brigade, Keith, Giacomo and Tom demanded that she promise them each $1,000 if she won as payment for their best efforts.

    • Rewad Challenge: The two remaining contestants, Heather and Virginia, were jetted off to Las Vegas and arrived at the Red Rock Casino resort. While there, they each prepared their signature dishes: Heather's Chilean Bass dish, and Virginia's signature Chicken dish. Samples were given out to random people at the casino, and they were asked which one they liked better. Virginia won with 11 votes, while Heather got 10. Her reward was to get the first pick of the returning competitors to work in her restaurant for the final dinner service.

    • Teams for Final Service:

      Red Team:

      Head Chef: Heather
      Sous Chef: Scott

      Blue Team:

      Head Chef: Virginia
      Sous Chef: Mary Ann

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Keith: (demanding a bribe) You have to guarantee something. If there's money involved, I'm gonna make sure that I do everything in my power for you to win.
      Virginia: I don't have to give you guys anything.
      Keith: I want some money, and I want it right now in writing.

    • Virginia: I'm most worried about idiots on the hot line screwing up my food.

    • Sara: (when told to remake her empanadas yet again) I made a mistake, but but it's not the end of the world. I would say, 'Big deal', but that would probably land me a punch in the snot box.

    • Heather: Make this perfect!
      Garrett: Perfect, boys and girls.
      Sara: Just like you, chef!

    • Heather: (as she begins to plan out her restaurant) I'm going to be able to see my dream right in front of my eyes, and it's just an amazing feeling. I'm so happy, I could die. I want to win the restaurant first, then I'll die, but... (she chokes up)

    • Reporter: This question is for Virginia. With you being newly married, how will you deal with it if you win and have to move to Vegas?
      Virginia: I married somebody that's a chef as well, so if I was to get the restaurant in Vegas, I would hire him.
      Chef Ramsay: (laughingly) Oh dear. Don't mix business with pleasure.

    • Virginia: (referring to the finalist press conference with Ramsay) I thought for he was going to say, 'Now go in the kitchen and make everyone a bagel!'

  • NOTES (7)

    • As of this episode, competitors who have switched teams have won the competition. Michael (Season 1 winner) was originally of the Blue Team and moved to the Red Team in Day 3. Heather (Season 2 winner) was originally of the Red Team and moved to the Blue Team in Day 4.

    • Also Featured:
      Scott and Suzette Kreeger, President of the Red Rock Resort and his wife

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: September 28 & 29, 2009 on Barrandov

    • John Janavs, Robert Frye and Dawn Sinko were nominated for the 2007 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Art Direction for a Variety, Music or Nonfiction Programming" for this episode.

    • In an interview after the finale, Virginia says that she didn't really want to do the water wall and that she knew it was going to be a major headache. But in this episode she describes what she wants in some detail, and it seems as if she'd describing exactly what she was given by the designers.

    • During the premier airing of this episode, viewers were asked to vote on who they thought would win the competition. At the end of the voting, Heather received 63% of the vote, and Virginia 37%.

    • The third reporter at the press conference , Mark Long, is no stranger to reality TV. He was on the first season of Road Rules, as well as various other Real World/Road Rules Challenges; and I believe he said he was working for Fox Reality TV.